Kendra Ryer runs the court

By Leanne Pantone
February 28, 2002

photo by Leanne Pantone

Upon graduation in May, Kendra Ryer plans on attending graduate school at San Diego State University. Ryer, a sports science major, will be back in familiar territory in Calif. She is originally from Paradise.

Ryer is a senior forward on the basketball team. She has been playing for 13 years and her favorite aspects of the game are the contact and competition. Her greatest achievement in the sport comes from freshman year when the team won the championships.

Besides playing basketball, Ryer’s hobby is simply having fun. When not on the court, she enjoys to getting out on the slopes and snowboarding. Ryer prefers to listen to alternative or hard rock music. Smashing Pumpkins’ “Rotten Apple,” “which is the best of Smashing Pumpkins,” is her favorite CD.

Once the semester is over, and Ryer has graduated, she will miss her friends that are here the most.

Leanne Pantone

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