Keeping in touch with family while at college imperative

By Meghan McSloy
February 10, 2010

For many people, family ranks as one of the most important elements in life. I believe that family is the single most important factor that determines a person’s beliefs, attitudes and outlooks on life.  In order to uphold family bonds, it is of the utmost importance that we, as people, keep our families as close to us as possible.

My grandmother, whom I was very close to, passed away recently. As a result, it has made me think about the importance of family and family connections.

The things that I will miss most about my grandmother are the stories and the traditions because it is these things that make up a family and ultimately shape the person that you will eventually become.

It is very important to spend time with older family members such as parents and grandparents because that is how family stories and traditions are passed down through the generations.  In order to keep these things alive, it is important to connect with all family members as frequently as possible.

It is often times easy to lose close contact with relatives while in college because of hectic schedules, involved social lives and schoolwork. Amidst all of the madness, it is imperative to remember the people who got us to where we are today. Whether it is a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle or siblings, the people in our support system must not be forgotten under any circumstances.

It is a proven fact that children who come from supportive families are a lot more likely to succeed than children who come from broken homes.  For this reason alone, it is imperative to never take family for granted.

While it is absolutely necessary to keep in touch with all family members, it is crucial to keep in touch with those relatives who are older and who will unfortunately not be around forever. It is much better to take the time to spend with loved ones now than to have regrets later on down the road.  That is one regret that I did not have after my grandmom’s passing. I knew that I spent all of the time that I was able to with her and showed her how much I loved her while she was still alive.

Of course, it is easy to get caught up in the day-to-day grind, especially when we are away at school. This, however, should never interfere with family and keeping in touch because at the end of the day, family are the ones who are always going to be there.

Meghan McSloy

2 thoughts on “Keeping in touch with family while at college imperative”

  1. GREAT Article Meghan!!!!
    I’m glad to see that a young person understands the importance of family.
    Your article describes it perfectly! Keep up the good work!
    It was great meeting you on Sunday at the Run4Nunn event!
    Val 🙂

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