Just do it: run to get new kicks for spring

By Jessica Giordano
February 22, 2001

Jessica Giordano

by Jessica Giordano

staff writer

Shopping. It can be a task filled with exhilaration or one that leaves you bored and frustrated. The frustration is particularly true when shopping for personal items that reflect your own personal style and need to fit well for comfort, items like jeans or sneakers. Every person is unique and so is every body part, especially when it comes to feet. I spent some time in the mall exploring the comfort, style and price of various brands of sneakers on the market.

The first pair of shoes that I tried on were the new Nike “Shox” for women. These are very popular at the moment and the men’s “Shox” was sold out in both of the athletic shoe stores in the King of Prussia mall. According to Nike, this sneaker is better at absorbing shock when you run because of its unique design. The design of this shoe is modeled after a spaceship. I thought that they were comfortable and I liked the metallic tan and red colors, but I thought that the spaceship-like soles looked really weird. They were a bit too expensive also, retailing for $150.

Giving Nike a chance to redeem itself, I tried their “Air Max” running shoe for women. I liked this shoe because it was comfortable, lightweight and fit nicely. It was also less expensive than the “Shox” and I liked the light blue with orange accent styling.

Nike is always popular and that fact was reflected when I spoke with students on campus. “In the past I have worn Adidas, but now I wear Nike. I like them because they are comfortable and stylish,” junior pre-pharmacy major Jessica Van Ingen said. Junior pre-med major Dana Cavalcanto agreed saying, “Nike are comfy.”

The next brand that I tried was Reebok’s DMX running shoes for women ($70-$80). The DMX line has an air bubble in the sole to absorb shock and prevent injury. These were pretty comfortable, but I thought that the air bubble felt slightly strange and I probably would not buy them because of this feature.

Another popular brand with athletes is Asics. “A lot of serious runners wear Asics,” Nick Bruzzese, a salesperson at The Athlete’s Foot in the King of Prussia mall, said.

I tried Asics “Gel GT” ($85). This was a very lightweight and comfortable shoe. It fit my foot very well. However, it was not the most stylish running shoe available.

“They are the best ones I’ve found,” first-year elementary education major Natalie Avramovitz said. She has been wearing Asics for about two years and says that she likes them because “they have really good insoles.”

One of my favorites was Adidas “Taiga” trail running shoe ($70). This shoe was extremely comfortable and lightweight as well. It contoured to my foot great and it felt very secure. I also liked the rubber tip on the toebox, which prevents wear and tear. The design was also very stylish with a dark blue and gray coloring.

The sneaker that I liked the best was New Balance’s “804” ($85) This is an “all terrain” shoe as well, and according to Bruzzese, is popular with college students in this area. This shoe appeared to be very durable, it had great support and it fit my foot extremely well. The style of the “804” didn’t hurt either. The shoe is very attractive and is dark blue, gray and black with bright green accents. The toebox of this shoe was also made with black rubber, which I think is an excellent feature in a sneaker, since that is the part of the shoe that always gets beat up. The next time I need a pair I will probably buy New Balance “804.”

There are two important things to remember when buying shoes: 1) try on shoes at the end of the day if possible because your feet will be at their largest at that point. 2) Make sure that there is half an inch between your longest toe and the end of the shoe. This will ensure a comfortable fit.

If you are still interested in finding out what sneakers are best for you, there are two websites that can be of assistance on this issue: the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine has a list of the best shoes for various athletic activities (aapsm.org). Runners World magazine also has a list of recommended sneakers (runnersworld.com). Like any important purchase it is essential to shop around and make an informed decision.

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Jessica Giordano

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