It’s not over till the clock reads 00:00

By Geri Lynn Utter
March 1, 2001

photo courtesy of Bob Macartney

by Geri Lynn Utter
sports editor

He jumps. He shoots. He scores. If you have not already heard the news, the men’s basketball team won the PAC Championship with one second remaining on the clock at Saturday’s game. Kareem Brunson, forward, scored the winning basket at the PAC Championship game against Alvernia College. ” It was amazing, the ball traveled full- court”, said junior Georgiana Rushworth. The 85 feet swish was featured on and .

It was heart pounding. Cabrini was down by two points when Tim Gordon, forward, was fouled on a slashing move which tied the game at 70-points. “At this point, we felt we could take our chances in overtime” , said Brunson. Alvernia’s Bu-Deen Twyman inbounded the ball with seven seconds remaining on the clock. “I started putting my coat on and getting ready to leave because at that point I was convinced we had no chance of winning”, said junior

Alvernia had already begun doing their victory dance and taunting Cabrini spectators when Kareem Brunson charged the court with the shot that would declare the Cavs the true PAC champions.

“After I threw the ball, I fell on the floor not realizing I had scored the winning basket,” said Brunson. When Brunson sunk the ball, the immature taunting and evil chants quickly diminished from the Alvernia bleachers. However, the Cav’s managed to pull through thanks to the full-court heave by Kareem Brunson.

Brunson was blessed with the honor of receiving the Most Valuable Player Award due to his famous full-court shoot Brunson might have sunk the winning basket, but each player on the team poured his heart and soul into the game. Kris Pittman, guard, scored 16-points, Gary Goldman, guard, scored 12-points,forwards Tim Gordan and Brian Wood scored 11-points each and Kareem Brunson scored a total of 15-points after he sunk an 85-foot swish across court

Cabrini managed to claim the victory over Alvernia for the PAC championship title, however, both teams demonstrated smooth technique and quality sportsmanship.

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Geri Lynn Utter

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