Head-to-Head : Mitt VS. Barack

By Ryan McLaughlin
October 19, 2012

President Obama and Mitt Romney went head to head in one of the most intense and heated Presidential debates in history. From the start of the debate, one could feel the tension in the air that was missing from the last presidential debate where Obama appeared more submissive.

Obama, knowing he under-performed last time around, knew he had to step it up this time and that he did. Although Obama performed at an incomparably higher level then last time around, Romney showed his consistency by showing up with the same energetic and interrupting attitude as the previous debate.

Interruption although perceived as rude and a negative was projected by some as a compliment towards Romney’s bold and relentless personality. If he is as relentless leading this country as he is during the presidential debates, maybe the 23 million Americans without jobs have a hope.

Romney who plans on going after China for economic cheating is complimented by a quote from Paul Ryan who says, “48 percent of our debt is owned by foreign governments, China number one.” If America is going to get out of the financial debt we are currently in, more jobs need to be generated. If China still remains such a financial big-shot in this country China will be the ones producing the jobs, but in their country.

Obama stated,”I believe in self reliance and risk takers being reworded.” Taking risks is a good thing at times. That being said a calculated risk is a lot different than an irresponsible one. Many people in America voted for change and although one presidential term may not be enough to show the change Obama vowed to project in this country many people hoped for more than what has become.

One of Romney’s points to what seemed to be targeted towards women voters was a statistic revealing almost 580,000 more women are unemployed than when Obama took office. When the facts were checked it was revealed to be a large exaggeration considering the real number which is 93,000.

Was this just a desperate plea to gain an edge with women voters? More than likely yes because of the false information given. That being said, there is still an increase in women who are unemployed. Maybe four years isn’t enough to turn the country around, but could more progress have been made is the real question.

With the election coming up very soon it is essential people do the research they need to in order to select the right candidate come election day. Although both candidates offer strong arguments, it’s interesting to hear them talk about making America economically independent when they both have investments in countries like China.

During a talk about Obama Care, Romney made the argument about how it prevents job growth. Romney talked about when he asked employers about Obama Care they largely said it prevented them from hiring people.

Another statement made by Romney was that in Massachusetts 98 percent of adults were covered by medicare while all children were covered. Obviously comparing the progress of state to country is unreliable, it shows Romney has the potential to do what is needed to make America a better place to live in. Obama said “change has come,” when he was elected president for his first term. A this point, our country is ready for change to come again, and Mitt Romney may be the change we need.

Romney’s business record is flawless. When it comes to the economy he really knows what he is talking about. The nation is 16 trillion dollars in debt and Romney states the math is obvious, “if Obama gets elected again the debt will go up to 20 trillion.” Going further in debt doesn’t seem like the way out, especially if America wants to become an economical super power again.


Fast Facts
1. President Obama and Governor Romney both have investments in countries like China.
2. 12.1 million Americans are unemployed.
3. At the conclusion of the first presidential debate, Obama and Romney shook hands. After the 2nd presidential debate they did not.
4. The first lady and Ann Romney wore pink to the 2nd presidential debate in support of breast cancer awareness.
5.40 cents of every dollar we spend is China’s money.

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Ryan McLaughlin

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