‘It Runs in the Family’ premieres on campus

By Liz Lavin
April 19, 2007

The Cabrini College theater held its production of “It Runs in the Family” March 23, 24, 29, 30 and 31. All shows were held in the Cabrini College theater in Grace Hall and tickets were free.

The cast didn’t disappoint as they performed for a packed crowd.

“It Runs in the Family” took place in a doctors’ common room in a hospital in London.

Dr. David Mortimore, played by freshman undecided major Doug Wiebe, is a serious doctor about to make a career-deciding speech for a crowd of neurologists. His preparations are constantly interrupted by his colleagues, Dr. Hubert Bonney, played by freshman English and communication major Jake Verterano, Dr. Mike Connolly, played by freshman history major Joe Kimpflen, Sir Willoughby Drake, played by sophomore communication major Patrick McGowan, the Matron, played by junior graphic design major Kathryn Roper and his wife, played by sophomore biological sciences major Nicole Hearn.

When an unexpected visitor from his past shows up, Jane Tate, played by junior English and secondary education major Lauren Schreiber, Mortimore learns that he has an 18-year old son, conceived while he and the former Nurse Tate were having an affair. Not only does he have a son, Leslie Tate, played by sophomore disability support and advocacy major Michael Krencicki, but Leslie is about to be arrested for drunk driving, driving without a license or insurance and various other charges.

Leslie, who until his 18th birthday thought that his father had died climbing the Himalayas, has just learned that his father is a doctor in the hospital and is determined to find him.

Only Jane and Mortimore know who the father is, and Mortimore intends to keep it that way.

As Mortimore tries to keep his situation a secret while simultaneously preparing for his big speech, he gets himself caught in a web of lies, leading to a series of confusing and chaotic events and keeping the audience on the edge of their seats, wondering what could possibly happen next.

Dr. Bonney is the only other character aware of the situation with Leslie and is unwillingly recruited to help keep the secret. He kept the crowd in hysterics with his over-the-top antics as Mortimore’s sidekick.

The end result is a series of hilarious events that include Bill Lesley, an old man in a wheelchair played by freshman communication major Chris Campellone, singing a song every time someone answers the phone and almost revealing every lie and Dr. Connolly unexpectedly coming onstage dressed in women’s clothing as part of a melodrama he’s writing for the hospital.

In the end, the truth comes out and things go back to normal.

The rest of the cast included freshman English and communication major Jessica Holeva as Sister, sophomore chemistry major Erin McCole as the police sergeant and freshman English and secondary education major Shannon Winters as Mother.

“The play was great, the cast was hilarious and they did an awesome job considering the fast-paced story,” junior English and communication major Jonathan Barnett said.

The cast was thrilled with the audience turnout and reaction.

“Everyone that came really seemed to enjoy themselves and that made it even better for the cast and crew,” Hearn said.

“Afterwards, the cast was exhausted and so was the audience,” Schreiber said. “They were rolling in the aisles and we put them there; it was a great time all around.”

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Liz Lavin

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