Thursday Briefing for Issue 7, Oct. 18.

By Ryan McLaughlin
October 14, 2012

The Debate and Its Aftermath

Shedding light onto the aftermath of the presidential debate, Obama and Romney both stood out in their own distinct ways.  “Mr. Obama was almost universally judged to have underperformed.”  While that being said, Romney made remarks a day after the debate pointing out what people didn’t hear from Obama during the debate, which was how the next four years will be better then the previous four.  In what seemed like a purposeful demeanor to show escalating strength, Obama’s campaign made it clear how much money was raised in the month of september.  Obama’s aides claimed if anything good came from the debate night it was the inconsistencies comparing Romney’s different stances from the primaries up until later on in his campaign.

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A Drop In Jobless Provides A Boost

The rate of jobless Americans has dropped significantly lower in the month of September, more precisely to the lowest it’s been since President Obama took office.  While things may be looking on the positive side Romney says otherwise.  “This is not what a real recovery looks like.”  Obama also states that there has been too much progress to return to the ways which lead the country to the crisis to begin with.


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A Limit To Rebel Aid in Syria

There has been an ongoing occurrence, directing weaponry as well as money to the rebels of Syria from Saudi Arabia and Qatar.  While lighter weapons are being provided, heavier firearms such as rocket propelled grenades are not in fear this may allow fighters to bring down government aircraft.  Claiming to be discouraged by the United States for acknowledgement the weapons could end up in terrorist hands.

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 Does Romney Stand Apart?

In further efforts to display a more drastic difference in national security, Romney points a finger at Obama for the attack in Libya stating he left the nation exposed.  Romney said, “hope is not a strategy for dealing with the rise of Islamist governments in the Middle East.”  With Romney trying to draw attention towards his opponent and putting Obama on full blast, people are still wondering what Romney’s plans are for policy in the Middle East.


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Doctors Use Adderall As The Cure

A doctor who deals with patients with low income provides a powerful drug or as some call it medicine to improve children’s performance in school.  Adderall is known to drastically improve focus and help a child maintain impulse control.  Although the doctor finds himself prescribing Adderall quite often he says he doesn’t have much of a choice.  “We’ve decided as a society that it’s too expensive to modify the kid’s environment. So we have to modify the kid.” Doctor Anderson said.

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A Voice Of The Aspiring Youth 

An 11 year old girl faced the Taliban head on by voicing what she wishes to see in the world.  The Taliban responded swift and violent, singling the young girl out and shooting her in the neck and head on a bus in front of other children.  A spokesman from the Taliban was able to confirm the girl was a target because of her drive for education rights.  The Taliban called her dream an “obscenity.”

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Ryan McLaughlin

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