Is it stupid or stoopid? Just ask rapper 6ix9ine

By Roderick Miller
December 9, 2018

Profile screenshot from Instagram; Roderick Miller

Daniel Hernanadez, more commonly known as 6ix9ine, is often a trending topic on all social media platforms. 6ix9ine has a huge following on Instagram with 14.5 million followers.

“He’s really one of my favorite artist. I love his music and the way it gets me hype. He always puts out good music for the ear,” high school fan Andrew Carter said.

Tekashi 6ix9ine started off as a rainbow haired SoundCloud rapper who people didn’t take seriously. He then turned into a million-dollar artist getting platinum records. 6ix9ine dropped his single “Gummo” and rocked the radio and after this thought, he would be a one-hit wonder.

6ix9ine then shocked the world doing what everyone said he couldn’t. It was believed that he would for sure be a one hit wonder. 6ix9ine proved the world wrong by dropping nine more songs after “Gummo,” all leading him to now be 10 for 10 on the billboards.

He’s from Brooklyn, New York and considers himself the “King of New York” because of his work ethic and his music is always hitting the top charts in his music genre.

This started beef with many other local artists from the New York area as they felt he was not a reliable source for even himself. They believed that he was talking to much and bragging and didn’t think 6ix9ine was really creditable in the rap game and the streets. So these other rappers decided they wanted to test his street credibility.

Some of the popular artists 6ix9ine exchanged words with are Jay Critch, Chief Keef and Casanova. Only two of them are from the same city as him, New York.

6ix9ine is known for some of his past legal troubles. Above all, 6ix9ine still managed to drop a now very popular song “stoopid.” This song is featured by current incarcerated, New York rapper, Bobby Shmurda.

This song got so much media attention there was even a dance created for it. The dance is hash-tagged on Instagram as the “stoopid challenge.” Many other artists and fans love the song and participate in the challenge.

Fan listening to 6ix9ine. Photo by Roderick Miller

There are many fans of the rainbow haired rapper.

“6ix9ine is a very creative young person who has a goal set for himself,” fan Devin Briggs said. “He’s doing what he can in the music industry to support the people in need.”

6ix9ine does not just do music he also gives back to the community and hands out money to random fans all the time.

“All the tattoos make him look like a joke but everyone judges him by his cover,” Briggs said.

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Roderick Miller

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