Is fashion the new trend? FashionNova is for sure

By Roderick Miller
October 27, 2018

FashionNova is a hot topic around the world. The FashionNova website launched in 2013. Most of the brands sales are made online, but a few stores are located in California.

Screenshot of FashionNova Instagram: Roderick Miller

They have five retail locations in southern California, according to their site. The brand is always on the lookout for the newest and best styles.

FashionNova is known for their quality clothing that is very affordable for a lot of people. It is known as the top online fashion store for women. Online you can shop for club dresses, bodysuits, skirts, jeans and much more.

Being that most of the brands clothing is sold online, their shipping is consistant and gets delivered quickly.

“I like their exclusive styles for a reasonable price,” loyal Fashion Nova customer Ashley Miller said.  “Shipping is good and effective.”

The brand is known to fit true to size. This keeps their customers happy because who really wants to keep returning for clothes not fitting properly?

FashionNova is known to be very loyal to their customers. The team posts their customers on social media rocking their newly purchased Fashion Nova gear. The team also tends to comment under customers photos telling them how great they look in their clothes. The brand has 13.4 million followers on Instagram.

FashionNova is active on social media sites including Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

FashionNova recently dropped a men’s line known as FashionNovamen on June 13, 2018. This came about because Fashion Nova was already very successful with women’s clothing sales and the founders decided to try out a men’s line, after many requests online. At first, they dropped the line to see what would happen, but it led to more when fashionnovamen the Instagram page racked up almost 250,000 followers in just a few days.

Screenshot of FashionNovaMen Instagram: Roderick Miller

“I think Fashion Nova men speaks for all the males who are on social media who see women buying nice clothes all the time but feel as though they deserve the opportunity to have the same quality clothes,” junior exercise science major Nicholas Louis said. “Which is why this line is good, because it brings a fresh new style to male communities.”

This line, like the women’s line, is good quality clothing at an affordable price. Fashion Nova men offer customers jeans, sweaters, sweatpants, hoodies and much more.

“Fashion Nova men is the best website to get all new styles for a great price,” high school student Andrew Carter said. “It is good to be able to buy expensive looking clothes for $30 and lower.”

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Roderick Miller

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