Ipad release

By Chelbi Mims
March 14, 2011

Although iPad 2 reached stores Friday, March 11 and broke record sells many Cabrini students have mixed feelings about the new electronic workbook.

“It’s the same as the first Ipad except the new colors.  I don’t see what all the excitement is about” Dyamond Gleaves, freshman special education major, said.

According to Apple iPad 2 is distinctly different from the first Ipad. Apple has expanded availability on the iPad 2,  and it is now offered in  two new colors; white as well as in black, 33 percent thinner, built in applications, two cameras, and dual A5 chip which increases the battery life to 10 hours.   The day iPad 2 arrived into Apple stores lines wrapped around store buildings with anticipation to buy the new advice.

“People got there pretty early to be the first in line. The line was really long but they served us cookies, to make the wait some what comfortable.” Kristina Leyo, freshman graphic design major, said.

The iPad 2 has some new applications: FaceTime, photobooth.

The new electronic tablet also includes folders to organize information and 65,000 iPad apps in the application store.

“I honestly thoiught the first Ipad was dumb so I would never buy Ipad 2 because everything that you do on an Ipad 2 you can do on a computer or telephone” Sarah Pinard, freshman social work major, said.

According to surveys and analysts the iPad sold out in the first weekend. Apple sold close to one million electronic tablets in the first weekend of the Ipad 2 release. The original Ipad sold 15 million in the first nine months.

Most of the buyers were first time apple-product buyers. Even though the new product comes with many new improvements it kept the same price tag. The Ipad 2 sells in between $499 and $829. The price depends on Internet connection over cellular network and the amount of storage space available.

“I would love if my family got an iPad.  It seems like it would be really cool to have around our house.” Emmy Murdock, freshman education major, said.

With the original iPad, Apple created the market for the electronic tablet. After the creation of the initial Ipad many other companies have created small electronic tablets.

“I have the iPad and I contemplated getting exchanging my Ipad for the Ipad 2. The only real difference is the camera and color.  I can live without those thing.” Alicia Barringer graphic design major said.

Many competitors have created electronic tablets to compete with Apple’s Ipad. Motorola Mobility Inc. Xoom went on the market in February with a new version of Google Inc.’s Android software that was aimed for tablets.

“Apple is innovative so they will always be on top no matter what device they come out with.” Mike Bowens, freshman business major, said.




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Chelbi Mims

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