Intramurals a way of bringing community, athletics together

By Kevin Durso
October 11, 2011

One of the things that make sports such great entertainment is rivalries and the competitive nature behind them. But all of us remember what it was like to spend summer nights playing touch football in the streets or hitting the local sandlot.

We are not all athletes. However, there may still be a way for the sports lover, who never made it to the level of Division III athletics on campus, to say they are part of a team.

One of the ways Cabrini is allowing students to get involved is through intramural sports. Intramural sports are offered every week, with some running on schedules like any other team sport. Others are part of free play, which is about just that: playing for fun.

“Intramurals are opportunities for students to continue in sports and activities that they may have done in the past on a competitive level or are looking to stay active,” Orlin Jespersen, intramurals coordinator, said. “They are also ways for groups to be social. It runs on both ends of the spectrum.”

Among the sports offered as Cabrini intramurals this fall are flag football, volleyball, soccer and softball. While flag football has received the greatest response so far, the other sports are worth a look as well.

“We have good participation in flag football,” Jespersen said. “It’s probably the most teams we’ve had in a couple of years.

Jespersen noted eight teams in a men’s flag football league on campus but also talked about a project within flag football he’s been working on.

“I’d still like to see a women’s or powderpuff league get off the ground but I haven’t gotten much response to that,” Jespersen said.

Intramural sports are for those who may feel they don’t have the type of athletic ability, or are just looking to play a sport for fun. Jespersen lists several differences between intramurals and Division III sports.

“The varsity programs have more of a time commitment,” Jespersen said. “If they are in-season, they are busy with their sport six days a week.”

Jespersen also cited coaches, equipment and the competition as other features that distinguish intramurals from Division III sports. However, he gave many reasons as to why intramurals are for everyone.

“Intramurals is at the other end of the spectrum where it is just Cabrini students playing each other,” Jespersen said. “It is a great way for groups of friends to get involved, say if you want to represent a residence hall or another group on campus.”

Even with several sports already underway this season, it is never too late to sign up. Students can visit for information on how to sign up.

If there are any doubts about what it is like for other students playing intramurals, look no further than a few of the students already involved.

“The kind of experience that I had with intramural sports is thrilling,” Ryan Bunda, senior criminology major, said. “I played football all throughout high school and even though flag football is not the same, playing under the lights still gives it such a great feeling and brings back the memories.”

“The benefit of playing these sports is the fun of friendly competition and it feels good playing the sports I love,” Justin Lutteroty, senior marketing major, said. “Intramural sports have been a great experience throughout my time here at Cabrini.

Everyone has an athlete in them and with the strong bond of community being what drives Cabrini to be extraordinary, this is just one of the many ways to add that sense of community to your academics.

“It gives people a chance to stay active,” Jespersen said. “It also adds that sense of community. It gives people a way to be competitive while still having fun by going out and just playing.”

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Kevin Durso

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