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By Nicholas Rayner
March 7, 2012 has a blog section that I’ve been following for a few years. This blog gives you inside news about the NBA. is a great source for finding out news about your favorite teams and players. gives you the news on the NBA before anyone else does. Whether it’s a player that is getting released or traded, or a coach being fired, you get the news on Inside Hoops as soon as it occurs. A lot of times, Inside Hoops will report and predict possible trades, free agent signings, and other news in the NBA and are almost always correct.

Inside Hoops has many features that attract a variety of fans from all over the world. When you first open the blog you will get the latest news that is occurring in the NBA. Then as you scroll down the page you will receive older news from that day or week. Inside Hoops also offers different links and pages to its blogs. On the right side of the blog they have categories for different blog pages.

The categories that are featured are recent posts and news. These blogs report on the most current news that is occurring in the NBA. The all-star blog section reports on all the news from the NBA All-Star Weekend. Whether it’s Kobe Bryant’s broken nose, Kevin Durant’s MVP performance, or players getting added to the dunk-contest and the three-point shootout. Inside Hoops has got it covered.

The entertainment blogs give information on players and managements personal lives. Some of the blogs in this section include Jeremy Lin living in a hotel, Magic Johnson launching television channel, and Kris Humphries’ desire to have the Kim Kardashian divorce trial on television.

Inside Hoops also offers other blogs that provide info on every team in the NBA. Any possible news you need on your favorite team you can find it out with Inside Hoops. Other blogs that are featured are international blogs, NBA playoffs and rumor blogs.

Inside hoops is a great blog site because it’s accurate in what it reports and it’s a great way to learn a lot about the NBA.


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Nicholas Rayner

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