In need of an internship? CampusPhilly has you covered

By Christina Spadavecchia
February 27, 2013

Starting  the week of Friday, Feb. 15, many students will be logging on to Campus Philly career website to try to find their dream internship. From 500 to 1500 students attend each of their online internship fairs. There are students from their 29 regional partner schools, including Cabrini College. Some other schools are Villanova University, Philadelphia University, Penn State, Thomas Jefferson University and many others.

If you did not know, Campus Philly career website runs 24/7 year-round but two times a year they shine a special spotlight on their site. This helps students but also employers who are looking for interns. One of the times that they shine a light on is in February, which is perfect timing for students who are seeking summer internships and want to get a great experience in the work field. The other time is during October, to help students find an internship for the next semester.

Their website is very easy and simple to use. “Our virtual fairs are very easy and a lot less intimidating than a traditional one, though that doesn’t mean you should expect to be any less professional than if you were meeting with employers in person,” Jen Devor of CampusPhilly said.

All students have to do is create an online account at and upload their resume. Right after that, students can start applying for internships that they are interested in. On the website they can search keywords or even company names to find a variety of opportunities available. Throughout the week there will be many different posting of internships to apply to. Students can apply to as many internships as they want and the more you apply to the more luck that they will have getting an internship that they want.

Another great thing to know is, employers have the option to browse through a student’s resumes and recruit them. This could happen to any students who have the skills that a company is looking for.

Internship fairs have been very successful and have helped out many students and even employers.

“Have been very successful, not only in numbers of students and employers that have participated (in hundreds) but we also love hearing success stories of companies who have hired rock star students and students who have found their dream job,” Devor said.

Just a reminder for students who are interested in trying to find a internship for the summer, make sure that you make an account and upload your resume on their website by, Monday, Feb. 25!

Christina Spadavecchia

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