Improving yourself inside and out

By Ashley Randazzo
October 7, 2005


Many students have the desire to get in shape, reduce stress and succeed in school but many do not know how to start on the right path, or they are just spending all of their time going down the wrong path. The head of the college’s health services says that students should be doing things like getting enough sleep at night and not smoking to prevent stress from getting worse.

There are so many types of problems students deal with each and every school day, that it is no wonder why some have anxiety issues due to stress. Whether what’s bothering you is the 10-page paper you have due tomorrow that you haven’t started yet, or it’s a troubling relationship you have with your significant other, stress can come from anywhere. Usually, stress only takes a second to have you in its grasp and it could last for days or even weeks.

According to Susan Fitzgerald, Cabrini College’s health coordinator, stress can be due to things that normal people do in their daily lives. Things like a poor diet or a lack of sleep both have serious consequences on a person when they are developed over time. Fitzgerald also included that smoking is a big no- no when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. When asked about how to cope with stress Fitzgerald said, “Not exercise alone can get rid of stress, it is a combination of things that can either add on, or take off stress, like having a better diet or sleeping a good amount at night.”

The University of Oregon has their website up to date with “10 Healthy Eating Tips for the Busy College Student.” Included on their site are great ways to not only eat on the go, but they provide ways to lose weight the right way, and even suggest foods that will help a college student think better due to their ingredients. (

Exercise serves so many purposes in the lives of people all over the world. A little activity is not only one way to relieve stress, but it also gets the body fit to handle daily activities.

Tracy Krakowiak is the fitness director at the Dixon Center and says that getting in shape is a concoction of one part cardio training, like running, one part weight training and one part nutrition. Krakowiak also says that exercising does relieve some stress, but that does not mean stress will be completely gone.

According to the Franklin Institute, exercising should be a fun activity that a person will enjoy. Exercising will not become a habit if the activity is not fun to that person. To begin, choosing modest activities will be a great starter until activity can be increased. Also not going crazy towards an unreachable goal would be a smart attitude to have because even exercising can be harmful when it is not done properly. (

To keep up with life all must do their part to stay healthy, and that includes coping with stress early, and making sure we take care of our bodies in regards to resting and diet. These tips are useful for any freedom-crazed college students that need to learn how to balance it all.

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Ashley Randazzo

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