Immigration: important to agree on basic human decency

By Kelsey Alvino
February 5, 2011

I think all human beings should be treated with respect and I think everyone has the right to a good life, justice and happiness. Although some people may agree with this thought, many do not. The immigration issue is hotly debated in the media. Not knowing much about this issue is a fault of mine; however, I don’t believe you need to know much in order to know the difference between right and wrong or acceptable and absolutely ridiculous.

Are illegal immigrants going to over run our country or should we give everyone an opportunity to a fair life?

Becoming more enlightened about the issue through my E.C.G classes and watching the news I find that it is literally impossible to get two people to totally agree on one view of these immigrants.

It’s hard to get a solid grip on the topic when the two opposing sides of the argument are completely conflicting in every aspect. Open borders is not the solution, but neither is killing innocent people. We need to recognize the flaws with both these propositions and make adjustments to come to an agreement.

It’s a fact that what they are doing is illegal, yes.  We have border control that uses any means possible, including guns to stop these people from entering our country. Which makes me wonder is this right? Killing people who are only trying to gain the opportunity to have what we do?

Why would they risk their lives to come to the United States. The views we have on immigrants coming up through Mexico are stereotypical ones generated by the media. Not many know the real story behind these people and why they are fleeing their county. Looking further into the issue, the people who risk their lives coming over to America are the ones who are only trying to improve the lives of their families back home and one day want to return there. They do not want to take over our country. Who would want to be away from their family forever?

People living south of the border are dealing with intense poverty, corrupt officials and no work opportunity. The only option they have to keep their family alive is to be smuggled over to America, work jobs no one in the US would and the only money they make is sent back home. For most the move is temporary and for these people we should try to help.

Both sides of the political spectrum will never agree on much, especially something as important as the immigration issue but it’s important to agree on basic human decency. Bottom line is everyone wants the same opportunity to provide for their family and with options running out in many places some see the United States as their only hope.

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Kelsey Alvino

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