If Mitt Romney wins…

By Rachel Antuzzi
November 6, 2012

Healthcare. One of, if not the most, controversial issues in this presidential election. If Mitt Romney wins the election, he promises “from day one” to repeal all the benefits of Obamacare. But what does this mean for the country?

I am not registered to vote for this upcoming election and am only educated to a certain extent on how each candidate feels on each issue. My parents aren’t gung-ho Liberals or Conservatives. I am looking at this from an unbiased point of view, relying on the facts provided by either presidential candidates in their campaigns.

Mitt Romney has a plan to “repeal and replace” Obamacare. In Obamacare, children can stay on their parents’ or guardian’s health insurance until they are 26 years old. Romney wants to change it so children are off their parents health insurance when they are legal adults or have graduated from college.

With the tough job market, I don’t see the logic behind this. Most 18/19 year olds I know are having trouble finding jobs that pays well enough for the individual to buy higher quality foods than Spaghetti-Os and Chinese take-out, let alone pay for their own health insurance. It’s a good thing Romney’s 5-Point Plan will supposedly create 12 million new jobs.

As a sophomore, I am already worrying about paying off my student loans, finding a good job and permanently living on my own. If Romney is elected I have to worry about finding my own health insurance right after graduation too?

Romney says, “I am pro-life and believe that abortion should be limited to only instances of rape, incest or to save the life of the mother.”

This is a very valid point. Life is precious and abortions should be the last resort, especially the further into pregnancy the mother is. However, I do not feel that anyone other than the parties directly involved should have a say in what comes of the situation.

I do not agree with the idea of cutting funding to organizations like Planned Parenthood. These companies don’t force pregnant women to have abortions. The women come to these organizations when they feel they have nowhere else to turn. Women are educated on all of their options and regardless of their decisions, Planned Parenthood helps them along the way.

I understand as president, Romney would hope to do “everything in [his] power to cultivate, promote, and support a culture of life in America” and wants to protect family life values. But he can’t force people to see things his way. He could have the most sincere intentions behind cutting funding to these organizations and strictly limiting the prescription of birth control, but it isn’t the way to go about this.

As a woman, I don’t want someone who doesn’t know a thing about me telling me what I can and cannot do with my body. I shouldn’t get an abortion but I also have to jump through hoops to buy contraception to prevent getting pregnant in the first place? That should be no one’s decision or business but my own and my doctor’s.

I look at Romney’s plan of action as an effort to get people to abstain and wait until they are with the right person. Yet condoms will still be on the shelves at local convenience stores.

Instead of attempting to prevent “bad” actions, Romney should promote good behavior, positive examples of family values.

Solely looking at the issue of healthcare, I don’t believe I agree with half of Romney’s plan for the country. His heart may be in the right place but he is not going about it the right way.

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Rachel Antuzzi

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