Ideas for Christmas gifts

By Dominique Maugeri
December 8, 2005

Christmas season is quickly approaching and it is leaving many students with worries of the season. Many college students are “tight” with money this holiday, and do not know how they are going to be able to purchase presents for their friends and family. Many students have bills to pay such as Cabrini College’s tuition and many other costly things that are preventing them from saving money for Christmas.

The other Christmas dilemma is deciding how much money to spend on each person, and which person to buy a gift for. We can all honestly admit that at one time, or another we have bought a present for someone because we felt obligated to and did not want to exclude anyone. Then you have to think of how much you are going to spend and on what friend or family member. These are all common thoughts during the Christmas holiday.

A tip that is beneficial for the holiday season is to spend what you can afford. Parents, family and friends know that students who are in school are trying to pay bills, save money, and work while trying to do well in school. The best solution is to just look for good deals and find coupons before purchasing the gifts. This will ensure that you will get the lowest possible price, which will help you to save money.

If you are like many other students who cannot decide on who you are buying presents for, think of who your “true close friends are,” and buy those friends a small gift. By close friends I do not mean your dorm neighbor who you barely talk to or hang out with. I am referring to those people who you spend most of your time with, but the choice is yours. The best bet for purchasing gifts for your friends who may not be your closest, is to purchase maybe a simple Christmas card and a small novelty candies. These can be found at CVS for fewer than five dollars. This by any means is not cheap, but an affordable way to show that you care about your friends during the Christmas season.

During this holiday season especially if you do not work everyone has to make sacrifices and cut down on the spending on ourselves in order to save up money for presents for others. By doing this we can all realize that Christmas is not about who you are buying the biggest gift for but that they are being thought of which is most important.

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Dominique Maugeri

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