I took things for granted before COVID-19

By Victoria Boland
April 17, 2020

Image by Med Ahabchane from Pixabay
Image by Med Ahabchane from Pixabay

I never thought I would see a time when a pandemic shut down my normal life. 

When COVID-19 was first announced I didn’t think much of it. I was still going to class, seeing my family and eating out as normal. 

When word got out that COVID-19 was closer to home it was a panic for all. After moving back home and having a halt in my social life I found myself observing and understanding the world around me differently than I previously did before. 

Victoria’s mom and grandparents having a social distancing party for her grandma’s birthday. Photo by Victoria Boland.

Every day I wake up to a clean warm home that has food and electricity. Before quarantine, I didn’t think about my home as anything special.

But from watching the news, I learned about how many people can’t afford to supply food for their families and are lacking the ability to pay rent due to jobs being closed.

This news made me have a different viewpoint on my life. 

It saddens me that the less fortunate who are homeless have a greater chance of getting the virus. The CDC.com said, “Homeless services are often provided in congregate settings, which could facilitate the spread of infection.” 

If I didn’t watch the news I wouldn’t know how bad COVID-19 has affected our society. My mother who is such a strong women gets up every day and acts as if everything is okay. She puts on a brave face to help my family not to worry. She cleans up around the house and cooks dinner for us as well. I now have a greater appreciation for my mother than I ever have. She does so much for my family and I love her dearly. 

I also have a greater appreciation for all the citizens who have been working during the pandemic. When I have to venture out of the house to gather groceries I now see the work that the employees do. They are risking their lives so that we can have what we need. The shelves need to be stocked and the baked goods need to be baked and they are brave enough to continue their jobs to keep normalcy in our lives. 

Usatoday.com said, “At least 30 supermarket employees have died as a result of COVID-19.” It will be a different time once the quarantine settles down.

A photo taken at the beach when the sun was setting. Photo by Victoria Boland.

I even appreciate going outside now. Before I didn’t really think about walking down the street as a luxury. Now I do, it is like a treat to get out nowadays. I have been inside for a little over a month and I crave the fresh air that I once took for granted. 

During quarantine I have pondered so many questions that I am unsure of. I wonder if people will continue to wear masks and gloves or will it go back to normal? I think many will continue to wear a mask not to just protect themselves but to protect others.

I feel even after quarantine things will take a while to get back into a normal routine.

Even though time in quarantine has been extremely boring, I have found myself finding time to do things for me. Which I didn’t have time to do previously. I now have the chance to catch up on television shows and homework. I also have the time to take a detox from social media and put my attention elsewhere.

Time at home has given me another perspective of my fellow community and family members. I am so grateful to everyone taking precautions to help keep our community safe and running. 

I will never forget COVID-19 and it will be a story I pass down to future generations to explain how lucky we really are.

Victoria and her dog spending quality time together on Easter. Photo by Victoria Boland.


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Victoria Boland

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