Hybrids: The cars of today

By Monica Burke
March 8, 2007

Recent statistics have shown that America’s love affair with Sports Utilliy Vehicles is not over despite rising gas costs.

Cadillac’s number one selling vehicle this year was the Escalade, a gas guzzler no doubt. Gas prices have risen to new highs for the year, yet the sales of SUV’s continue to climb.

The recent addition of more hybrid options to many mainstream automobile manufacturer lineups is a promising beacon. Americans tend to favor the look of a car before considering other factors. In this time of rising fuel costs, many are beginning to be conscious of the gas mileage.

Toyota, Honda and even Lexus have begun to revamp their most popular models into hybrid cars. This gives drivers and buyers the security of buying the most popular models and brands while still getting the benefit of efficiency and being good to the earth.

Those who advocate and support hybrid cars have come up with several viable arguments. The initial cost of a hybrid is highe but the return in what the buyer saves in gas makes up for the first payout. Some have suggested that the federal government should encourage hybrid buyers by giving a tax credit for those who buy hybrids.

The automobile industry has also stepped up. Many are providing lower cost hybrid options making it accessible with every budget. Hybrids are no longer the cars of the future. They are the cars of today.

Hybrids were perceived as complicated and often misunderstood.

I think that if people took the time to research their options when buying cars and most importantly considering what is out there, they would consider hybrids a great option. Times are changing and we should too.

Monica Burke

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