How well do you know your ___?

By Jennifer Cannon
October 3, 2012

Students found out how well they knew their friend, roommate, boyfriend or girlfriend to finish out Game Show Week. Nicole Lawlor and Kiera Williams, co-directors of Weekend Events for CAP Board, planned and executed this event.

“I liked the idea of the Newlywed Game,” Lawlor said. “I thought it would be fun to see how much people knew about each other on campus.”

Williams and Lawlor had the students sit back-to-back and write the answers to the questions on a white board. Each pair was asked 10 questions each.

The event was not only a fun activity for the people participating, but the audience also got a laugh watching the students answer challenging questions. Some audience members played along with each other from their seats just for fun.

“I think the people participating enjoyed seeing how well they really knew each other,” Lawlor said.

The rounds included pairs of roommates, best friends, couples and then a bonus round of CAP Board members. The winning pair of each round chose gift cards and each participant received a Game Show Week T-shirt.

Paige Taormina and Rebecca Rambo were one of the many pairs who tested the knowledge of their friendship. “It was really fun being a part of it,” Rambo said. “We already knew a lot of the answers about each other, so I think we did really well.”

Lily Hatheway and Becca Miles were also one of the pairs that participated. “My favorite part was hearing all the crazy questions that people had to answer,” Miles said.

Questions included everything from “what is your partner’s middle name?” to “if your partner was an Avenger, which would they be?” The questions made the pairs truly reflect on their partner and answer how they think the partner would answer. It was the ultimate test for some, and for others it was a piece of cake. Hopefully, no friendships were ended for not knowing answers.

This year’s annual Game Show Week events included Double Dare on Monday, Sept. 24, and Don’t Forget the Lyrics on Wednesday, Sept. 26. This event, held on Friday, Sept. 28 in Widener Lecture Hall, concluded the week successfully.

Upcoming Weekend Events:

  • Dodgeball Tournament
  • Quizzo
  • Trip to Eastern State Penitentiary
  • Hunger Games Movie Night
  • Trip to Shady Maple
  • Holiday shopping trip to NYC

Test yourself! See how well you know your _____!

  • If your partner had a million dollars what is the first thing they’d buy?
  • What is your partner’s least favorite food?
  • If your partner was a Disney character which would they be?
  • If your partner had any superpower what would it be?
  • What is your partner’s shoe size?
  • What was the last concert your partner went to?

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Jennifer Cannon

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