How to Survive a Blizzard

By Nicholas Rayner
February 8, 2012

Although this winter has not produced much snow  or cold weather, you should always be prepared for blizzards and snow storms. The proper clothes should always be in your closet, a large food supply should be kept in the room or house and activities like board games should be available for use.

A blizzard is handled differently by everyone. Some areas are accustomed to receiving blizzard conditions while others receive these storms once every few years. Regardless of where you live, a blizzard can be frightening and make it very hard to travel. If a blizzard is heading your way, the following tips will be helpful in surviving the storm.

The first step is to plan ahead. You should always know in advance that a blizzard is coming so prepare yourself with the proper accessories to survive the storm. You should buy water and non-perishable food. I would also suggest buying batteries in case you lose power. Make sure you have shovels, salt, and gas for your snowblower. You should also make adjustments to your plans that day so you don’t have to travel.

Next, do not go outside until the storm has ended. Staying indoors during the blizzard is vital for your health and safety. A blizzard produces dangerous conditions that can harm you in several ways. Nothing is more important than your life; there is no reason to leave your shelter during the blizzard. Also, you should find activities to keep yourself occupied. Since you are going to be stuck indoors, it’s important to find activities that can keep you busy. If you still have power, you can watch television or go on your computer. If you lose your power, play around with your cell phone, play cards or a board game. You can always sleep or do your school work to kill time. Listening to the radio is important so that you can stay updated on the storm.

Have a first aid kit and food available. Having an emergency kit available is a good idea because you never know what can happen during a blizzard. Your emergency kit should include a bottle of water, fruit snacks, granola bars, bandages, a flashlight, a pain reliever, such as aspirin, and a cell phone. Placing snacks on top of your first aid kit is a smart idea just in case you are trapped in that area for a long time.

After the blizzard has ended, clean up.  A blizzard creates a lot of snow so that means there is much work to do. The best way to clean up snow is to get a group of people and work together on getting rid of it. This will reduce the workload on everyone.  Another good tip is to buy a snowblower. Prices of snowblowers range from $50 to $60 but it saves you time and the trouble and pain that comes with shoveling. You may also want to go in with a couple of neighbors and then purchase the snowblower.

These five steps are a few of many steps that prepare you for any blizzard. The most important step is to stay safe.

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Nicholas Rayner

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