How To: Shop for Christmas on a Budget

By Chelbi Mims
November 29, 2011

Decorations have been placed around the room, the tree has been set up, carols are being sung and now the last piece of the puzzle is buying your loved ones presents.

Being a college student, you may not be able to get your relatives and friends top-of-the-line Apple or Prada products, but Loquitur is here to help you guide through the mall on budget.

Make a list of the people you want to give presents to. When shopping, follow this list and do not stray from it.  Straying from this list will get you off task and in turn spend more money.

After making the list, research online what gifts to get each person. See if the online price is cheaper than the in store price and make your decision on where to purchase based on those facts and figures.

Most stores draw people in by placing coupons in newspapers or magazines. Find these coupons and use them in the stores to reduce the cost. Make sure you read the fine print on the coupons, many of them have expiration dates.

Don’t brush the homemade gift idea out of the window, thinking that it stopped when you were in second grade. Parents love thoughtful, homemade presents.  Gather a group of friends together for arts and crafts and make presents for family members out of construction paper or yarn.

Use websites such as or to develop personal cards, calenders, mouse pads or coffee mugs. You can place photographs from the past or present on these items and distribute them to your loved ones Christmas morning.

These sites always have  daily deals and have very inexpensive and durable products.

Also, sign up and watch out for sites like, or These sites  allow you to get half off of expensive outings like skydiving, facials, massages or a nice dinner date. Simply visit the website, sign up and begin receiving daily deals for your family members or friends. Lastly, remember the holiday season is about spending quality time with family and enjoying the season. Don’t focus on gifts and focus on the spirit of Christmas.

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Chelbi Mims

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