How to: Lock straight hair

By Jenay Smith
April 17, 2012

There are many ways to lock hair. No way is better than the next since everyone’s hair is different. It all really just depends on your hair’s texture and characteristics.

Many people from all over the world have dreadlocks or locks. People from Africa, India, the Caribbean, as well as North and South America have dreadlocks. Even people of European descent have dreadlocks.

The first recognition of dreadlocks is from Africa.  There are many ways to refer to dreadlocks. Another common name for them are locks or locs.  Locks have been very controversial in the past but over the years have become more acceptable.

Still, institutions such as Loma Linda University School of Allied Health Professions has no dreadlocks for men or women as one of their personal grooming requirements.

The most common ways to lock your hair consist of coils, back-combing, two-strand twist, lock extensions, braids and free-forming.

There are also different ways to maintain your hair… or not for lack of better terms. These methods include palm-rolling, latching and free forming. As well as many ways to start locks there are different styles you can lock your hair.

Some different types of locks, include sister locks, brother locks and free-forming locks.

Some people lock their hair because of religious reasons. Rastafarians are most famous for their free-forming dreadlocks.

You may be familiar with the late famous Jamaican singer Bob Marley. He was a Rastafarian and wore dreadlocks.

Rastafarians believe that a man’s strength lies in his hair just like Sampson the Nazarite from the Bible. If they cut their hair they believe they are surrendering their strength.

This belief comes from the book of Leviticus 21:5 in the Bible. This verse talks about not cutting their hair or their beards.

The featured technique for locking hair  uses the “backcombing technique.”

This technique is recommended for people with naturally straight hair only. Supplies include a comb and three hair ties to hold hair back.

Step 1. Part with comb and take a section of hair (you decided how much depending on how big you want the loc to be) and comb that section of hair.

Step 2.            Start 2 inches from the root and backcomb (comb backwards) while pulling the hair downward and rotating the section of hair back and forth between your fingers.

Step 3. Repeat step 2 until the end of the section of hair

Step 4. Palm roll. Palm Rolling is just simply taking the loc in between your palms and rolling for a smoother look.

Step 5. Moisturize daily with your moisturizer of choice. Everyone’s hair is different no moisturizer is the right moisturizer for everyone.

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Jenay Smith

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