How To: Create a Resume

By Beatrice McQuiston
March 28, 2012

ught about what you need to have when you have to go for an interview? Well, the No. 1 thing that you need to have prepared is your resume. Your resume is what sets you apart from your other competitors and shows your achievements and talents on a piece of paper. It is crucial that your resume looks professional and is well thought out.

Your resume displays your objective of occupation, qualifications, education, skills, employment, achievements and references. Here are key points when creating your first resume. On the top of your resume you should have in bold, your name, where you’re from and your contact information. Your contact information should consist of your email address and your cell phone number. Your main focus when creating your resume is to make sure it is easy to read and neatly organized with bullets and bold important headlines.

On your resume, it is essential to list your employment history. It should be ordered from your most recent job first. Next, the resume should have your educational background.

This will include your former high school, the college you now attend and your GPA. An employer looks at your professional experience the most. This will show your employer that you have worked in the real world and you know what to expect. Make sure you include a lot of experience in this section.

Lastly, it is important to put down your honors and activities. This can set you apart from your competitors because it will show that you are active outside of your academics.


1.)  Make it professional.

2.)  List your employment history

3.)  Show your educational background

4.)  Display your professional experience

5.)  Include your honors and activities you were involved in

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Beatrice McQuiston

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