How people are celebrating their birthdays from home

By Ty Daubert
May 4, 2020

Many people are getting creative with birthday celebrations. Photo by Oyvind Holmstad. Courtsey of Wikimedia Commons.

With the spread of COVID-19 keeping people at home, those celebrating their birthdays are finding different ways to celebrate.

With stay-at-home and social distancing orders in place, parties full of friends and extended families are not feasible. Immediate family or roommates that live together can get together to celebrate, but the typical birthday bash is being put on hold for now. Instead, creative alternatives must be used to get others involved in the fun.

One way that celebrations are taking place is a birthday parade like celebrity Kourtney Kardashian had in April. Friends and family lined up in their cars to drive by Kardashian’s house and wish her a happy birthday. This parade is a way that people can see each other in-person for a moment on the special occasion without getting too close.

This was how Cabrini communication professor Jill Smith celebrated her grandfather’s 85th birthday on Sunday, March 29. His birthday actually took place on Tuesday, March 31, but Smith’s family decided to gather by car to give him a parade to commemorate the day the weekend before. The family was also able to get a police escort to help in their celebration.

“He had a huge smile on his face,” Smith said by phone about her grandfather. “When I spoke to him after the parade, he asked me if we were coming back again on Tuesday to do it again because he loved it so much.”

A video of that birthday parade can be found below, courtesy of Jill Smith:

Of course, video chat is another way that loved ones can get in contact to celebrate a birthday from home. Many are using applications like Zoom to speak to one another every day, and birthdays are no exception. The Zoom party lets people to see each other and have a conversation from home, allowing people to not be too lonely on their birthdays.

Immediate families can also celebrate birthdays from home with each other. It may not be the party that some might envision in their minds, but it is still a way to spend and enjoy the day with other people.

These times are very unique and call for everyone to change their routine and how they live. Birthday celebrations may not go on as originally planned due to certain restrictions. Despite this, people can still do what they can to enjoy their day.

Ty Daubert

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