How families are going to be spending their holidays this year

By Kelsey Cummins
December 3, 2012

Everyone knows that it’s winter and that means “Tis the Season” to go somewhere warm and get away from the cold. Many college students around this time are cramming for finals and running around getting their last grades in for the end of the semester. For the high school students this means being reunited with either family members or friends who went away to school. Christmas is a very exciting and happy time of the year. Where the snow comes down, people are bundling up for the cold weather, hot chocolate and fires being made and love is in the air.

During this time many college students have a little over three weeks off to just relax from a stressful or non-stressful semester. This time many families take this opportunity to go away and relax in the warmth of some of the tropical areas around the world. Some areas that are definitely winter-break attractions are Florida, Bahamas, Mexico, California and a few other warm places.

When visiting these places there are many things you can do. You can visit the beach, go on rides, go sight seeing, surfing and do many other activities.

If your family is thinking of Florida there are many new attractions around the Disney World area, like the new “The New Harry Potter World.”

On the other hand there are many families that do want to travel towards the cold and take a trip to Vermont, Colorado or even Maine. Families can go snowboarding, skiing, snowshoeing and many more fun activities during the wintertime.

However, other families may just want to stay in their hometown and do activities around their town, have family come to their house or just keep quit to themselves during the holidays.

Having Hurricane Sandy hit the States many families won’t be doing the same traditions as past years. This time in our country we need to come together as one and help those who lost everything. Help those children who “Santa” won’t be bringing everything on their Christmas list to them this year because their parents simply can’t afford it. Don’t let the generations to come not have a wonderful creative Christmas all due to Mother Nature.

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Kelsey Cummins

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