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By Staff Writer
November 13, 2003

If only I could garner the much-needed hype of a Lebron James or even just have the skills to play professional basketball, I would be so out of college in a second. I can definitely see the advantages to skipping college to enter the pros.

Athletes are entering the pros younger and younger. For all those old-school individuals still believing in the rivalries between athletes that begin in college or the importance of getting an education, forget it.

Let’s be realistic: if I’ve endured years of practice of playing a sport like basketball with no interest in school, why should I bother going to college. Without a second’s thought I will go where the money is.

An athlete’s career can be cut short as quickly as by one injury. Why risk playing a couple years of college ball?

As an athlete looking at the various colleges interested in my abilities, do you actually believe most of them want to help establish educational seeds into my mind? Hell no!

For all those critics saying he’s too young to be playing in the pros, I say screw them. If the opportunity to make a ton of money while doing what I love comes up, I’m positive I would take it.

Obliviously, an education is important but if an athlete enters the pros and has an amazing career but then it comes suddenly to a halt. The argument of falling on their face without college is laughable.

For starters, the option to become a sports analyst like so many other athletes is so available. Besides that, with all the money an athlete has earned they can even buy themselves a doctorate in whatever field they desire.

Maybe one day most athletes will just enter the pros from high school, resulting in the elimination of colleges having conflicts of interest when it comes to applications of students. Instead of a college picking a student on their abilities to play a sport, they will choose them on their merits in academics.

Personally, I won’t ever make the pros but at least I can still pursue a college education with the hopes of one day meeting a person I discover once was an professional athlete with only a high school education.

I won’t feel insecure that they have more money than me but will congratulate them as I try to figure out a way to swindle them out of their money.

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Staff Writer

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