Holiday Decor: Multi-colored guady mayhem

By Meghan Hurley
December 8, 2006

Meghan Hurley

Putting lights up on my house is a Christmas tradition that I look forward to every year. With the Christmas season fast approaching, holiday decorations are going to be springing up everywhere.

My favorite part of the season is seeing the neighborhood all aglow at night. It fills me with the Christmas spirit during my favorite time of the year.

The Christmas season is all about love and joy and spreading cheer all around.

With this season comes the fun of decorating. Decorations are a matter of personal choice. People should be able to put up whatever they want.

It’s their Christmas and their Christmas celebration. If they want to have colored lights, whose to say no? There is no one definitive set of laws governing holiday decorations.

Tasteful or gaudy, extravagant or subtle, decorations are a reflection of self. So break out the extension cords, get the hooks ready and haul out the ladders; it’s time to deck the halls and let your lights shine.

People are always criticizing the decorating choices of others, but really, who are they to judge. There is no appointed all-knowing judge of Christmas decorations and if you think that you are, you are sadly mistaken. Who are you to say how I can enjoy my Christmas season?

When God said let there be light, there were no specifications to what kind of lights they could be. White or colored, large or small, blinking or twinkling, they should all be welcome in our Christmas and holiday celebration.

What’s so wrong with colored lights? Absolutely nothing. They sparkle and shine, filling everyone’s heart with the Christmas spirit. There is no law that says only white lights are allowed at Christmas. Colored lights can be just as pretty and add a lot to people’s front yard or inside decorations. The angel didn’t declare that behold, a savior is born and you should celebrate it only with white lights.

Let’s talk for a minute about the big inflatable things that some folks like to place in their front yards. For them, nothing says Christmas or the holidays like giant, air-filled snowmen, reindeer and Santa Clauses blowing around on their front lawn.

Or maybe they are spreading some holiday cheer with plastic light-up figures. What’s the big deal? It’s not hurting you and it makes those people happy because that is how they are celebrating this happy season.

Everyone chooses to celebrate and decorate in a manner that is unique to them. So bring on the inflatable snowmen, the plastic light-up nativity scenes, the moving reindeer and the fiber-optic Christmas trees. Cover every possible inch of your house with colored and white lights. Put wreaths on every door and candles in very window. It’s Christmas, let’s celebrate it like we want to.

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Meghan Hurley

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