Hockenberry impressed by Cabrini students

By Noelle Westfall
November 5, 2009

Shannon Keough

New assistant professor of political science, Shelby Hockenberry, has made a splash at Cabrini College with her passion for teaching and intense lectures. She currently teaches classes that include current events, state and local politics and public administration and policy. She keeps students intrigued with her wide variety of teaching methods.

“My favorite thing about teaching is when I can share what I have learned from my experience working on the practical side of politics in policy to academia and seeing the students make connections on how they can use these principles in their own lives or research,” Hockenberry said.

Hockenberry received her Bachelor’s degree from Gettysburg College, master’s degree in American studies from Georgetown University and a second master’s degree in international relations. Hockenberry also receieved a doctorate in international relations from the University of Delaware. In the past, she has worked primarily in health policy and environmental policy, at the state, federal and international levels in Washington D.C. and throughout the mid-Atlantic region.

Before coming to Cabrini, she coordinated policy research at the Center for Marine Policy and the Global Forum on Oceans, Coasts and Islands, both housed at the University of Delaware, where she oversaw multiple research projects that ranged in scope from Delaware to New York to Europe and Vietnam.

When Hockenberry was applying for the job of assistant professor of political science, she was up against some steep competition. The interview process included giving a lecture to students from the political science major and performing interviews with them students and a panel of faculty and staff.

“I think that she set herself apart from the other candidates, because she understood the mission of the college,” Dr. James Hedtke, chair of the history and political science department, said. “[The lecture] was well received by the students. I think she also did well with the one-on-one in the interview process.”

“I’ve been very impressed so far with the students; I think they are really impressive,” Hockenberry said, “They ask very inquisitive, thoughtful questions in class and they really have a sense of their place in the world, how they can make a difference. They clearly have a zest for learning. I would say the students are definitely top notch.”

In just a few short months, Hockenberry has made herself a staple in the political science department at Cabrini, giving students from all majors the opportunity to see the world and politics with more depth than they ever had before.

“Prof. Hockenberry keeps the class interested by mixing up her lectures,” Christopher Blake, senior English and communication major, said. “She doesn’t only lecture, but also allows the class to voice their opinions, work with other students and learn from interactive lessons.”

Hockenberry’s small office includes lots of books, several posters from major international policy conferences and research efforts she planned with the center, and lots of memorabilia from her journeys.

She loves to travel and has been to many countries including France, England, Italy, Singapore, Portugal, Vietnam and especially enjoys the Caribbean, where Jamaica is her favorite place to see.

Hockenberry is a movie buff and loves to read a variety of books including political science, biographies and novels. Besides teaching, another love of Hockenberry’s is music. She was a classically trained cellist from a young age and still finds time to play in her spare time.

“If students are interested in learning about epidemic global policy issues throughout the world then they should definitely take this class,” Amanda Alves, junior history and secondary education major, said of Hockenberry’s current events class.

Noelle Westfall

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