H2NO: get the lead out

By Kelly Finlan
December 5, 2002

In a recent letter to the Cabrini community, Stephen Lightcap, the vice president for finance and administration, declared the water in the Mansion to be undrinkable.

Applied Environmental Management of Malvern, Pa. was called in to test the Mansion’s water on Oct. 21,and they found it to contain higher-than-normal-levels of lead on the first floor.

The facilities department has since authorized an optional second test that took place on Nov. 13. The results of this second test, received Nov. 22, showed elevated levels of lead in the water found in the bathrooms on the second floor as well.

The water fountain was disconnected shortly after the results came in, and those working in the Mansion have been asked not to drink the water or use it for cooking purposes.

Washing hands and eating utensils with the lead leaden water does not, however, pose an immediate threat.

An environmental consultation organization, with experience in this field, has been called in to find the source of the problem.

Until then, a meeting is scheduled to be held in the Mansion to answer any questions the community may have concerning the safety of the water.

Kelly Finlan

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