Having an Arranged Marriage

By Beatrice McQuiston
November 25, 2012

Did you ever think that no one understood you? I did, until I realized that my parents knew me better than I even knew myself. Meeting a man and getting married is a big part of a person’s life. Everyone wants to find their special partner to be with and share their life with. There are many ways to get married; in many countries people will look and find a partner by themselves. In other countries, like India, the people’s marriages are arranged by their parents.

Their parents look and find a partner for them. Learning more about arranged marriages and thinking about having one and hearing what my parents would look for in a man if they arranged a marriage for me made me think more about the subject. I would not want an arranged marriage, but if I had to have one I would trust my parents. They would do a good job because they know me and would know what I would want in a man.

I discovered that my parents knew me very well and would be looking for the same type of man I would be looking for. We both would want the man I marry to be well-rounded, nice and respectful. They know my faults and what kind of man can help me with them. We both want the future for me to be able to live with someone and stay together. When people get married most of them want to start a family. My parents and I both want a man who can settle down and start a family.

If I didn’t know about having anything but an arranged marriage then I think I would be thinking differently. Children that are brought up knowing that their parents were going to arrange a marriage for them probably would not care as much. They would not have to worry about all the things it takes to find that “special someone.”

It would make them just listen and trust their parents more. Children would not be dating so they would not know a lot about the different types of people. That would make the man their parents choose seem like the perfect match.

Even though my parents and I both want the same type of man, I still would like to find a man myself and have my own opinion. If I had an arranged marriage, there would be no point of meeting new people. If you knew that your parents were going to find you someone, then why look?

I think that picking your friends or boyfriends helps you find out who you are. By having your parents do everything for you, there would be no excitement. It is my life and I would like to live and do things with me thinking not others thinking for me. I also think that life is about learning and knowing about people, and that is a big part of getting married.

My parents know me really well and if I had to have an arranged marriage it would not be so bad. But I do want to live my own life and have my opinion. My parents can always still help and see if the man I choose is good. Some people, like your parents, know you better than you think.

Beatrice McQuiston

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