Mentoring means ease of mind and success

By Felicia Melvin
July 19, 2010

In high school, similar to the majority of seniors, I began thinking about college. I had a hard time trying to figure out what my future major would be and what school I wanted to attend.

I really didn’t understand the whole process and what I realistically wanted to do for a career. With all these decisions I had to make and things I needed to get done my mom knew that a mentor who dealt with these same matters would be a great help.

My mom introduced me to a woman at her job who had just graduated from college and she was very interested in helping me succeed. She helped me to figure out the things I was really interested in and what I could do with some of those interests as a college student.

After realizing that media, web and writing were passions of mine I decided that communications would be the best fit for me as a major. My mentor took me to tour different universities. We even went to Washington D.C. to meet some faculty and staff at Howard University. With my mentor at my side I became a little ahead of the pack because of her guidance and support that gave me motivation to strive as a student.

My mentor, who was a journalism major, introduced me to the networking process first-hand. She taught me that building relationships and my skills would be my best start as an incoming freshman.

My professors also gave me advice about my field in communications. They helped me realize the importance of internships and working hard in and out of the classroom.

Great mentors can also come in the form of your roommate, classmate or friend. Meeting other college students, especially upperclassman is a great way to get involved with different activities and also a way to gain long-term friendships.

Peer mentors also can help you become determined through inspiration. With that being said don’t be afraid to ask your peers questions and advice you will gain great friendships and knowledge during your college career.

I believe that having a mentor is a great asset, not only to a college student, but to anyone who is willing to take advice and learn from someone who has gone through it before them.

Although I have not had the opportunity to mentor someone, in the future I hope to give someone else the guidance and direction needed to succeed in becoming an adult and a striving student.

Do not be afraid to help someone out or to ask for help. Receiving mentorship is a great way to become a mentor and inspiration to another student.

Going into my freshmen year at Cabrini, I encountered and took advantage of countless professors, students and faculty who actually enjoyed mentoring and giving advice about academics, social life, and taking advantage of what Cabrini has to offer.

Freshmen especially, do not be afraid to connect with upperclassmen and professors’ who can help you get ahead. Being a mentored is a great way to grow as a student who will do something extraordinary.

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Felicia Melvin

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