Hat `n’ Tie provides fun for some

By Michael Kazanjian
May 3, 2001

Michael A Kazanjian
editor in chief

The Hat `n’ Tie dance, Cabrini’s free “gift” back to the students, was held last Saturday night at the Grace Hall Atrium. There was music (mostly techno beats that people pretend to recognize) there were balloons posing as popcorn and there were people, people segregated by the 21 year old age barrier.

As is every dance that’s held in Grace Hall, the DJ is at one end of the auditorium, the tables are set up around the perimeter and the crowd fills the space between. This time however, the space between was left empty for a very long time. In what is usually used as the conference room of Grace Hall was transformed into the keg room, the place where Public Safety stood outside the entrance like Roman gurads and everyone who was 21 and over was huddling around the steel gray barrels having what seemed to be a good time. Outside of the “conference room” were those unfortunate enough to have been born a year or two earlier watching their friends and waiting for the kegs to spit their last drop.

It was a Janet Lohmann nightmare in full, living color, the same group of people forced to divide upon the request of a hierarchy. The idea around this separation is to obviously stop any underage students from pilfering a beer or two from a friend. Public Safety must not be aware of the fact that most students who want to drink, will drink. The only difference is that it happens before or after the dance, sometimes even both. Around 11:30 the tribes finally merged, but like every dance before it, it was the same thing that these students have been experiencing since grade school.

Many more dances will fill Grace Hall in the future and hopefully, all will be able to enjoy it together

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Michael Kazanjian

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