Hard to believe it’s senior year already

By Christy Ross
April 24, 2008

The saying “time sure does fly by,” is definitely a huge understatement. I can still remember the first car ride to Cabrini back in Aug 2005. My mom, dad, sisters and I piled into my dad’s truck and headed for beautiful Radnor, Pa. Unpacking all of my stuff into my tiny dorm room in Xavier Hall is still fresh in my memory.

As my parents left me that warm summer day, I still remember the excitement I felt to finally be on my own. My first day at Cabrini is still so fresh in my mind.

To think that I will be entering my senior year here at Cabrini in the fall is not only exciting, but also a little scary. As a freshman and sophomore you don’t really spend too much time thinking about the future and what you’re going to do after college. At least I didn’t. My nights were filled with friends, parties and anything else I could get my hands on that didn’t have to do with homework or exams.

Come junior year, I started setting my priorities straight with school. Still keeping in the back of my mind that I only had one more year of school left and now here we are in the last lap of the semester and for most of us juniors our last summer of fun.

It is crazy to me how fast three years of college flew by. People always say to me they wish they were still in school and not working full time. Will I be feeling that same way? Soon enough I will be worshipping my younger friends for still having their college experiences.

Pretty soon people will be deciding not where their shore house will be this summer but where they plan on starting their careers. Part of me still feels like I am a freshman at Cabrini. I can’t see myself not being in school anymore. I will be 21 years old when I graduate from Cabrini and that still seems so young to me.

I am excited for my senior year at Cabrini. I have enjoyed every moment of my time here and I’m glad I spent it the way I did. I can only look forward for the year to come and what it has in store for my future.

Looking at the pictures in my photo albums from freshmen and sophomore year I still clearly remember all of those moments as if they were just yesterday. I’m sure senior year will fly by faster than the others have so I plan on making the most of the rest of my time I have left here at Cabrini. There are still many memories to be made next year. I can only hope that they will be better than the ones I have already made.

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Christy Ross

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