Hall of Fame to start in 2006

By Matt Donato
October 7, 2005

Fall of 2006, Cabrini will institute their very own hall of fame. The hall of fame will recognize Cabrini alumni for outstanding achievements in athletics.

“We are really excited about the hall of fame. It’s going to be special,” said Leslie Danehy, Cabrini’s athletic director. “I’m proud that it’s going to be instituted during my tenure here at Cabrini.”

There will be nine alumni inducted for the inaugural year. These nine will be selected from a commitee consisting of Cabrini faculty, former athletic directors, students and alumni.

Every year there will be additional nominations for the hall of fame. The commitee will be taking nominations from students, alumni and the surrounding community. The commitee will be choosing up to six inductees every year. Only during the first year will there be nine inductees allowed. They will be using great discretion.

In order to honor these special few, Cabrini will be doing a few things. There will be a plaque placed in the Dixon Center upstairs near the gym. There will also be a special place sectioned off on the Cabrini website.

Since the opening of the Dixon Center in 1998, Cabrini has known that they needed something and somewhere they could praise their athletes, and this will be the perfect opportunity.

It will show Cabrini’s present athletes that their hard work does not go unseen. It will give them something more to strive for when they put on their blue and white uniforms.

The hall of fame also has the power to sway potential student athletes to attend Cabrini.

“We are going to recognize people who have made a tremendous contribution to Cabrini athletics,” said Leslie Danehy, who sits on the hall of fame committee. “The hall of fame shows just how far we have come.”

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Matt Donato

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