Hall of fame honors athletic standouts

By Justin Bostwick
October 9, 2008

Megan Pellegrino

Cabrini’s very own athletic hall of fame added four new members on the evening of Friday, Oct. 3. Dr. James Hedtke, John Keating, Melissa Posse and Janet Cobb Ryerson were the four new members added to the hall of fame. The event at the Dixon Center attracted family members and close friends as well as a youthful crowd.

At 6 p.m., the doors to the Dixon Center were open to everyone who were attending the ceremony.

While the guests entertained themselves, there was a screen with a projector which showed images of the new members being added to the hall of fame.

“The college did a very nice job. Joe Guinta, Brian Beacham and the athletic department did a first class job,” Keating said.

For the first hour of the event, everyone seemed to be extremely social as stories were shared between old friends.

Hedtke made his way around the floor making sure to converse with acquaintances and friends. Drinks and laughs filled the Dixon Center as the dinner was being prepared.

“I think it’s wonderful how Cabrini has actually taken the time to recognize these people for their remarkable achievements. I was surprised of how big of an event they turned it into, but I couldn’t have agreed more with how they went about it,” Dr. Christopher Rielly, a guest of the event, said.

Just a little after 7 p.m., the introduction to the ceremony began. Cabrini’s president, Dr. Marie Angelella George opened with generous words as the eyes at the tables gave their attention.

“My fellow inductees were worthy of their award, it was a nice and pleasant evening,” Hedtke said.

Father Michael Bielecki and director of athletics and recreation Joe Guinta, added their commentary to prepare the crowd for what the rest of the evening had in store for them.

The aroma of gourmet-cooked food wafted throughout the Dixon Center for the remainder of the meal.

“It was great to see old coaches, old friends and share old memories,” Keating said.

As the heart of the ceremony took place, Hedtke, Keating, Posse and Ryerson were all praised and greatly appreciated for all of their fantastic accomplishments.

After every speaker, everyone who had come to see the very own people they knew got rewarded, a generous applause uplifted the mood of the room.

“I had Dr. Hedtke first semester of my sophomore year and I thought he was a great teacher. I had no idea that he was this well appreciated for softball coaching. I’m definitely impressed that a teacher I once had is a part of the athletic hall of fame,” Carmen Trifeletti, junior exercise science and health promotion major, said.

The four new members added to the athletic hall of fame will be remembered for their achievements forever. The ceremony truly showed the respect that was due to the people who earned their names to be a part of the hall of fame.

Justin Bostwick

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