Green Team hits the ground running

By Gregory Smith
September 20, 2012

A collaboration of 16 students, faculty and staff met to discuss a variety of steps that could be taken to make Cabrini a greener and more environmentally aware campus while upholding Cabrini’s commitment to the stewardship of God’s creation.

The Green Team ended last year with a textbook recycle drive, winter clothing drive, a clean-up service trip along the Norristown Schuylkill River Trail and even had President Marie Angelella George sign a pledge to ensure that the colleges’ dedication to environmental efforts.

“Green team is a collaboration of students, faculty and staff who meet to discuss different campus issues with environmental connections,” campus minister Stephanie Salinis said.

The Green Team held its meeting on Thursday, Sept. 13 at 3:30 p.m. in the Wolfington Center in Founders Hall, and was open to any student that wanted to stop in and listen.

The Green Team also incorporates service into their meetings, and discuss how to provide service to the community while still maintain a healthy environment.  This is best seen in the St. Francis Pledge, which, “…protects God’s Creation and advocates on behalf of people in poverty…”

This is the first year the Green Team has also received a budget, which they hope to utilize to advertise the group and for different service and environmental projects.

“We have a small budget underneath the Wolfington Center,” Dr. Eric Malm, said. “ We’re ‘real’ this year.”

They are already brainstorming ideas for events and projects they can do this year.  So far, they have come up with an end-of-the- year dorm cleanout in which they will take any unused non-perishable items and clothes and donate them to those who need it.  They will also have bins for students to recycle old cell phones, batteries and ink cartridges, as well as bins for gently used clothes and books.  The used books are then donated to an organization that distributes them throughout third world countries.

Cindy Ross, the library cataloging specialist, listened intently to other members as they explained their ideas, and expressed how she felt about the first meeting of they year so far.

“I’m very excited about the group this year,” Ross said.

When asked what her hopes for the Green Team were this year, she responded with a short but powerful statement.

“I want us to help eliminate the carbon footprint.  I’m looking forward to the campus as a whole getting involved and embracing this,” Ross said.

Gregory Smith

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