Your ultimate guide for Christmas gifts

By Jesse Gaunce
November 24, 2010

The holidays are fast approaching and you probably ask yourself the same question every year: “What do I get for him or her?” Don’t worry, we all have the same exact problem. Luckily, the internet and those ads in the newspaper keep us well-informed.

We’re going to continue that trend. If you are one of the many people who are completely stuck on what to get someone, be it your girlfriend or little cousin, look no further.

We’re going to provide you with a list of some of the hottest items on the market this year for children, teens and adults so you won’t be stuck searching high and low at the last minute.

We’ll start with the guys first.

If you are searching for gifts for a younger boy, here a few things to consider. Remember, these are in no particular order. The prices of these products come from and .

–          Jet Pack Buzz Light Year ($49.99): Everyone knows how much popularity “Toy Story” has regained with the release of “Toy Story 3.” The Jet Pack Buzz Light Year is probably going to be the hottest action figure out. Because of the immense popularity of “Toy Story,” this toy could be one of the hardest to find on store shelves come late November and throughout December.

–          Bakugan Maxus Dragonoid($89.99): “Bakugan” is one of the most popular children’s television programs around. This toy is basically seven mini “Bakugan” robots that can combine together to make a bigger battle robot known to many as the Maxus Dragonoid. For those who are older, think in terms of the “Power Rangers” and their Megazord. This will be another extremely hot item for boys.

–          Ben 10 Mark 10 Car($59.99): “Ben 10” is another wildly popular children’s television show. Anyone who has little brothers or cousins knows how popular this is among them. When you have a toy car that can turn into a few different types of vehicles such as an air craft, it is more than likely going to be a hit.

Now let’s focus our attention on teenage boys. The prices come from and

–          Call of Duty: Black Ops($59.99 for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC. $49.99 for Nintendo Wii and $29.99 for Nintendo DS): This game has been all the rage since its release on Nov. 9. It is one of the top video game series’ of the modern day and would make a great gift for guys of just about all ages.

–          Xbox 360 Kinect($149.99): The Kinect brings a whole new dimension to video games. We’ve seen motion censored games before, but nothing like this. The Kinect responds to how you move. Basically, your entire body is the controller. All you really have to do is get off of the couch. There are multiple genres of games out already such as dancing games and other physical activity-esque games with many more to be released in the near future. This will make an excellent holiday gift for anybody with an Xbox 360.

–          Apple iPod Touch (8G, 4th generation. Starts at $229): The new Apple iPod Touch can hold up to 2,000 songs, 10 hours of video, and a whopping 10,000 photos. Those videos and pictures will look amazing with the 960×640 pixel display. You can listen to all your favorite songs for up to 40 hours before the iPod needs to be recharged. That’s also equivalent to watching three feature-length films. That being said, what are you waiting for?

We’ve covered children and teenagers, so let’s move on to the older guys. The prices are from,, and

–          Phillips Senso-Touch 3D electric razor($349.99): This is one of the newest top-of-the-line electric razors. Phillips”teamed up with Nivea to create the smoothest shave you could possibly hope for. The heads adjust to your face so the smooth shave can be achieved by minimizing pressure and irritation on your skin. The display has a battery-life, head replacement and cleaning indicator. A single charge can last up to 20 hours. 

–          Apple iPad (16GB- $499, 32GB- $599, 64GB- $699): Another unique piece of technology that is all the rage. This thing can do it all. There is an app for just about anything you can think you. You want to look up a restaurant menu? There’s an app for that. You want to use it as an electric guitar amplifier? You can do that too. People have said that it is just a giant iPod but it is so much more advanced than that. The price may be a bit steep but it is extremely worth it for someone in the family who is a techno-geek.

–          The Clicker($24): This one may seem a bit obscure. Could you ever picture a remote changing the channel AND opening your beer for you? Shake your heads, ladies. This thing exists. The Clicker has a bottle opener on one of its sides and can be programmed to control eight items. Get this for him and you won’t have to hear the dreaded “hey honey can you grab me a beer and open it for me?”

Well, that’s enough for the guys. Let’s shift our attention now to the ladies. We’ll start with the younger ones first. The prices are from

–          Fur real Go Go Walking Pup($69.99): If you don’t know what Fur Real Pets are, here’s a brief explanation. They are toy pets that are made to look and act like actual pets. A lot of kids, especially girls, love them and the Go Go Walking Pup is the most popular according to the number of sales.

–          Baby Born Magic Feeding Doll($139.99): Every girl loves dolls. All girls loved dolls at one point or another in their lives. This doll cries, drinks, eats and even wets itself! What more could a girl ask for in a doll?

–          Zhu Zhu Grooming Salon($29.99): Zhu Zhu Hamsters are very popular amongst younger girls and even younger boys. With these Hamsters, you can act as if you are grooming them. Girls will love the idea of being creative and making their Hamster one of a kind.

Now we’ll move on to teenage girls. The prices come from

–          Uggs(between $75-$210): Every girl owns way too many pairs and still wants more of them. Need we say more?

–          Gift Cards: Gift cards really satisfy anyone, but we all know girls, especially teenagers, are the hardest to shop for. With a gift card, they are at the mercy of themselves so you won’t have to spend three hours in the store debating which shirt she would like better.

–         Cosmetics: Once again, something every girl owns way too much of. They will all tell you they can never have enough make up and in most cases that would be true. You can get full sets or stocking stuffers just to satisfy them for a little while. These have worked their magic as great gifts time and time again for this reporter.

And finally, we move to the older female group. The prices come from

–        Tummy Tuck Jeans(Anywhere between $98-$110): How many times have you heard your mom ask “Do these pants make me look fat?” The “Tummy Tuck” jeans are specifically designed to hide the areas she doesn’t want shown. She will feel like she’s 21 all over again.

–       Skin/hair products: Another product every woman desires too much of. Older women want to feel nourished and young looking. Products that keep your skin and hair smooth and shiny will do just that.

–       Photo frame with a special photo: Believe it or not, women go crazy over picture frames. It’s the sentimental value that counts. She can make her favorite pictures look even nicer with a great designed frame. Guys, if you want to impress her even more, put your creativity to the test and try putting one together yourself. You can’t go wrong.

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Jesse Gaunce

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