Golf team takes a swing for fall tournament

By Kristin Agostinelli
November 4, 2004

Shane Evans

Until recently, students and other athletes were only aware of the men’s golf team being a spring sport, yet the game is played year round. Climate changes in the east deter the sport to being played mainly in the spring. The most prominent reason it is a spring sport as well is snowfall.

The team has set aside the fall for practices at St. David’s Golf Club three times a week, and usually does not enter any tournaments during this time, yet this fall was different. Due to the Lebanon Valley Invitational being cancelled in the spring of 2004 because of snow, the tournament was rescheduled for Sept. 27th of this year. There were 19 teams competing in the NCAA Division III tournament. Cabrini finished a respectable 10th place, while competing with five teams that were among the top 10 in the country.

The team’s official season starts during spring break and Dr. Tony Verde, head coach, usually enters the team in three to five invitationals during this time. As of four years ago, Cabrini had a good as shot as any in winning the PAC 10 championship, but after Wesley College entered the Division III golf, all Cabrini, and any other school for that matter, could look forward to was a mere second place finish. Wesley College has dominated the PAC 10 for the last four years, with close to 300 strokes being the competitive rate for other teams to even come close.

There are nine members of the team this year, including two prospective players that are doing exceptionally well. Senior Elliott Kohr and freshman James Philips have considerably strengthened the team going into the upcoming season. According to Verde, this has been one of the strongest teams he has had in his four years of coaching. However, it is hard for the team to win PAC 10 and go on to the NCAA championship because the bigger schools in the south play year round. The season is shorter in the north and Cabrini is at a disadvantage in this area, yet it hasn’t set them back yet.

Due to bigger schools competing in the NCAA, it “has raised the level of the conference,” Verde said. He feels entering the team in bigger competitions will give the team incentive to do well and let them see what is really out there, and what the atmosphere of competing with larger schools and teams is like, instead of only being entered in small tournaments that could easily produce a win.

Out of the nine players on the team, only the top five are used in competition, whether they are competing in individual or team matches. The obvious goal for the team would be to win the PAC 10 conference, and ultimately go on to the NCAA Division III championships, which would enable the team to travel to and play in different states in the country. The PAC 10 championships are held the last Sunday and Monday in April during the spring.

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Kristin Agostinelli

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