Going green on campus

By Jeny Varughese
September 22, 2010

Living on campus means going green for many students. Conserving energy and resources are among the many things that are important to them.

“We depend on this earth to live but at the same time we are hurting it,” Vanessa Reitano, freshman education major, said. “It’s very important to go green and do our part.”

“Some of the things I do before going to class or even if I am in my room include, unplugging cords which aren’t in use, making sure to recycle, washing dishes every other day rather than every day to save water and using CFLs rather than regular light bulbs,” Reitano said.

CFLs use less power than incandescent light, saving energy and lasts longer.

With the use of less energy and resources now future generations won’t need to struggle to gain access to natural resources necessary for survival.

“It’s really not necessary to waste energy,” Emma McNamara, sophomore math major, said. “I make sure to turn off all lights, unplug cords, recycle, open up windows and do anything else necessary to save our resources.”

“Some of the things that can be done to go green include getting items from local stores, getting used or free items rather than brand new, opening windows rather than using an AC, getting an energy star fried, halogen lamps and using sheets made of organic cotton,” Dominic Muren, greenhugger.com, said.

“If just a few people decide to go green it won’t really benefit a lot but if a group of people get involved I think it would definitely benefit our world,” Fatin Alam, freshman finance major, said. “I think everyone on campus should do their part to conserve energy and resources by going green.”

While for some people going green means doing their part to protect the earth, others do it because they were reared that way since they were young.

“I try to do my part because my mom always taught me to conserve energy since I was little,” Angela Graber, freshman marketing major, said.

“Since I was little I was always told to recycle and to conserve energy,” Brenden Everitt, freshman graphic design major, said.  “I was taught that it was the right thing to do and so that’s still instilled in me.”

An increase in the amount of CFC’s is causing a rise in global warming creating a change in the weather patterns and rise in sea levels.

“We as humans have to take care of this planet but we are actually hurting it,” McNamara said. “I tell people about the effects of global warming and what that can do every chance I get. I also tell them about going green and how that can help the environment by doing such things as recycling to help.”

Some of the different ways to go green while on campus include using Brita water filters instead of  buying bottled water, washing clothes together rather than separating them, carpooling or taking the shuttle.

“Doing our part to save the environment is the responsible and right thing to do,” Harrison Ryan, a freshman, said.  “I make sure to recycle, use a water filter, and turn off all lights and electronics that aren’t in use.”

All trash should not be put in the same place. There is a designated area for waste and for recyclable materials.

Reitano says although she knows it’s a bad habit she takes bottles out of the trashcan if she sees it and puts it in recycling because that’s where it belongs.

“I feel like it’s my responsibility to let others know about going green,” McNamara said. “I’m sure I have a big enough carbon foot print and so by being more cautious and doing my part I feel like I am doing something to reduce it and help the environment.”

Jeny Varughese

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