Ghost Hunting

By Brooke Famous
November 2, 2012

Students listening to Considine’s presentation at Grace Hall on Oct. 24. (Brooke Famous/Staff Writer)

Students got ready to ghost hunt in the mansion as they sat in on a presentation given by a demonologist. The presentation was given by Dave Considine, one of the small number of lay religious demonologists of North America. This event was for entertainment allowing students to explore more into ghosts, exorcisms, demonic beings and how to capture and record ghosts.

Through the years Dave has worked closely with many noted figures in the fields of Paranormal Research, Religious Demonology and exorcism. He has also worked with clergy of other other faiths, doctors, law enforcement and research institutions both nationally and internationally and has been consulted by many media agencies for his expertise including MTV, CNN, Lifetime, etc.

On Wednesday, Oct. 24, Considine talked about his experiences with ghosts and how he was able to capture images and voices through his presentation about Ghost Hunting. Considine went through how he used photography, recorders and Ouija boards to either capture the images of ghosts or to talk to them.

After the presentation, students were split up into different groups and taken into the Mansion to five locations, as they were given different devices to capture any ghosts they came across.

“It was terrifying and I am never going back in the boiler room again,” said sophomore Andrea Broe when asked about ghost hunting in the mansion.

While some were terrified of ghosts, others thoroughly enjoyed the experience of ghost hunting.

“The best part was going through the basement and the spookiness between the mansion itself and not knowing if you’re going to find anything,” freshman Dan LaBar said.

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Brooke Famous

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