Preview of Ghost Hunt on Cabrini Campus

By Victoria Tarver
October 18, 2011

Do believe that ghost really exist? On Monday, Oct.24 you will have the chance to figure out for yourself. Come to experience one of freak week’s most popular activities, ghost hunters.

Cabrini has been known for having a haunted campus. This is the chance to figure out what’s really going on.“I believe that ghost did exist on Cabrini campus at one point. I don’t think they exist now, butI was a little scared listening to the ghost stories.” Mike Bowens said, a sophomore Business administration major.CAP board has created this activity for everyone to take a risk and go out on a limb to have some fun with your friends.

Come over to the Mansion and Grace Hall as host David Barlett from travel channel’s ghost hunter’s tours you through Grace Hall and the Mansion as you search for paranormal activity. I think my favorite part of ghost hunter was being with friends and getting scared. That’s what Halloween is all about, so it was just a really fun way thing to do with friends.”   Alyssa Grenyer said, who is an early childhood education major

The night will start off with David sharing some of his horrifying ghost stories from the past. While sitting in an almost pitch black room you’ll hear situations that he personally experienced. Also stories that he heard from others.It’s your choice to decide if you think they really happened or not.” My favorite part of ghost hunters was hearing the different stories about the mansion and I really enjoyed it,” Bowens said.

If you’re afraid to come alone bring your friends as a support group. You’ll have the opportunity to participate in something exciting for Halloween while having a great time on campus. “My favorite part of the event was recording the whole experience and at the end we replayed the tape and I actually heard voices of people that weren’t with or around my group during the tour,” Robinson said.

You will also see photos and have a chance to hear some audio that could be from the paranormal world.”I believe that ghost really do exist on campus,” Gregory Robinson , a Sophmore said. After being spooked out by all the terrifying ghost stories you will have the chance to use David’s equipment to search through grace hall and the mansion to search for the ghost that may still linger around campus. “I thought that ghost hunter was really interesting, and a really fun experience that I would definitely do again, I was definitely scared during the entire thing!” Grenyer said.


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Victoria Tarver

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