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By Vickie Papageorge
October 20, 2006

“Did you get your fix today?” This is the slogan for the popular website,, which publicizes summaries and spoilers for upcoming episodes of numerous TV shows. With its recent surge of popularity and several outlets to the public, questions arise as to how accurate this site is and whether it benefits or deters people from watching the original shows. While many praise the site for its ability to keep viewers interested, others complain it ruins the surprise.

The website was originally when it was owned by a man named Steve. He went on to other projects and the site was taken over by Isabella who renamed it In response as to why she continued the site, Isabella said, “I loved spoilers, I had access, I wanted to share my passion and access.”

The site currently provides summaries and spoilers to 11 shows. The spoilers include summaries of the episode and also casting news. The viewer is given just enough information to keep them in tune and on the edge of their seats, but it also leaves enough out to urge them to watch the show. As of September, it has 19,932,573 site views, which is the highest amount since its debut in May 2004.

The origin of the information exploits comes from numerous sources. Isabella explained that the summaries that are marked as having “” as their source were formed by gathering information from scripts that were obtained and also people that were on the sets of the TV shows.

As for the accuracy of the spoilers, Isabella said, “Our accuracy rate for spoilers with as the source is about 98 % (and for some shows it’s almost 99.9 %). The site says, “Official descriptions (such as from the Network or TV Guide) are very reliable. Other spoilers are reliable but changes are made sometimes during the shooting and editing of an episode; so it is normal that on certain occasions spoilers don’t come true.” The site also leaves room for the public to submit spoilers, which they review carefully for accuracy. does not only provide summaries but also allows for internet users to become involved. It displays links to chats about selected shows. Isabella actually hosts her own chats on specific shows in which she allows questions to be asked and she does her best answering while not giving away too much information.

Many people believe that the spoilers to the upcoming shows actually are a benefit to TV because it creates excitement and persuades people to watch the show. Isabella’s response to whether was benefiting television shows was, “Hell yeah! It creates hype. People who read spoilers talk about them ad nauseum everywhere!” Whether the site benefits the TV shows or “spoils” them, will continue to spread the information they are given and keep people tuning in. “ aims to give enough hint to the “WTH?” and “OMG!” moments but not spoil them,” said Isabella.

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Vickie Papageorge

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