Get involved at Cabrini: Introducing BSU

By Roderick Miller
October 22, 2018

BSU logo: created by Grace Spencer

Most freshmen come into college feeling nervous and uncomfortable. College is a big step in many people’s lives, and when they arrive on campus, one of their first thoughts is wondering how can they get involved.

There are many clubs and organizations here at Cabrini University to get involved in. Because the university is very small, it seems that there is no way possible for there to be a place for everyone.

Black Student Union, BSU for short, is an organization brought to Cabrini to bring awareness to diversity and trying to break all race barriers on campus. The club is built on unity and becoming one, together. Many minorities feel discomfort at college and this club is meant to be a way for them to feel home away from home. To many students, this club is a family.

Other races tend to get the wrong impression from BSU because they don’t have an understanding of what the club actually is built on and what the club stands for. Black Student Union is very welcoming of everyone and all races, without hesitation. Of course, there are requirements to joining this club. BSU also seems to get high praise from people outside the club.

“I see a diverse group who challenge the stereotype that a race focused group is only open to a specified race,” senior Savannah Walls said. “I feel they are a very active group on campus and are very influential to incoming students especially minorities beginning their career here at Cabrini.”

BSU held their first meeting on Sep.13.

“It was very successful,” Grace Spencer, secretary of BSU, said. “It was a good turnout. Everyone enjoyed themselves and were able to really interact with one another.”

At the meeting, the current execute board announced the newly elected board for the upcoming year.

“They’re going to do a great job,” Spencer said. “They fit all the qualities and skills it takes to run a club that’s why we elected them.”

BSU hosted the homecoming dance the weekend of Cabrini Homecoming.

“There is always a dance for homecoming weekend,” Spencer said. “BSU hosted every other year so it was kind of expected to host again.”

BSU seems to be leaving a great impact on the university. Members are taking what they learned with them into their professional world after Cabrini.

BSU first meeting: Photo, Rahmere Griffin

“I am going take the family culture and the place of feeling of belonging.” senior vice president of BSU Ashley Miller, said. “I’m about take the importance of advocating for injustices that are happening and speaking up for my self and others.”

If students have further questions, the BSU office is located in the Cabrini bean, around the corner from SEaL across from the diversity office.

“The mission of BSU is something that will stay in my heart forever,” Miller said.


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Roderick Miller

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