Game Show Week recap: “Double Dare”

By Sean Collins
October 3, 2012


Game show week kicked off on Monday, Sept 24, at 7 p.m. with Double Dare on the commons. Students were greeted to the event with music, balloons, and high Cavalier spirit.

The event was presented by the Cap Board and hosted by Junior Rachel Layden. Two teams played in the game. The Blackbirds, which consisted of Pat Stokes, John Crouse, Kristen Bittner and Gary Dugan. The other team was the Boys Are Back and consisted of Mike Pontoriero, Chris Abbate, Brandon Mincer, and Greg Stevens.

The rules of the game are simple- one team is asked a trivia question. That team has the opportunity to either answer the question or dare it to the other team if they do not know the answer. If the opposing team does not know the answer, they can double dare it back to their rival. At which point they will need to complete a “dare” in order to win the round.

Such dares included the Animal Trainer. This consisted of a team member being blind folded and reaching into a bowl filled with shaving cream. The object was to find the object (a paper clip) hidden at the bottom of the bucket. This was done while a fellow team member talked his friend talked him through it.

Another dare was the William Tell Challenge. This involved a team member using a water bottle to shoot down seven empty water bottles within twenty seconds. Of course, he was blind folded and guided by his buddies.

The event included trivia involving nostalgic pop culture and Cabrini history. While many students struggled with the latter category.

In the end, the Boys Are Back came out victorious. Prizes included a twenty five dollar Visa and iTunes gift cards. T-shirts were also given out to the players.

“Game show week has always been a tradition at Cabrini,” said human resources major and cap board member  Kaitlyn Cantfield. “Student enjoy it so we stick with it. Double Dare is a new idea.”

“The cap board was doing some brainstorming on ideas for game shows we could do,” said Cantfield. “I have been on a nineties kick for a while. If Cap Board didn’t help out with this, we could have never done this.”

“I had a blast,” said senior communications major Greg Stevens. “It was a lot of fun and there is some great Cabrini spirit.”

Students are invited by Cap Board to the rest of Game Show Week. It will continue Friday Semptember 28, with “How Well Do You Know Your (roommate, best friend, etc.)?”  in Widener Lecture Hall at 8 p.m.

Sean Collins

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