BlogRoll: Funny or Die

By Lia Ferrante
February 28, 2012

Funny or Die is an easy to read blog that provides hours of laughter, humor and entertainment. It is filled with funny videos, pictures, jokes and other people’s funny blogs.

Created by actor Will Ferrell, Funny or Die features different pictures and videos for all ages and for all different types of subjects. The blog also provides funny videos from different TV shows that are very popular.

“The Simpsons” videos are featured heavily on this blog. The other aspect of the blog that is enjoyable for bloggers are the really funny videos that were the most popular on YouTube.

They rate the videos on which ones are the funniest and which ones are not. It is very amusing to read the commentary posted under the videos by different users who read the blog. These comments range from rude to hysterical.

The pictures section of the blog features several different categories to browse through. Also featured are slideshows of different pictures that are in-depth and creative. For example, in the animals section, they have animals doing different poses and pictures of them doing the cutest things.

In addition, in the pictures section, they also have good articles. The titles are self-explanatory and aren’t too serious. Many college students can relate to some of these types of articles because they are short and to the point.

Funny or Die also features a podcast section on the blog. They offer 43-second video clips that are all things funny and entertaining. A lot of the videos make fun of celebrities or poke fun at everyday politics and actors. This blog is used for great entertainment. If someone is ever bored, this is the blog to log into and check out. There are many different aspects to the blog that could leave anyone searching for hours.

Funny or Die is a blog that is recommended for college students to enjoy while they are procrastinating doing homework or simply just want to laugh.

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Lia Ferrante

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