Fun Tips: Decorating Your New Apartment

By Amanda Cundari
September 18, 2012

Ready to move out of the dorms and live an apartment or house?  Well, don’t be intimidated to start the process!  One of my major projects this summer was finding an apartment, my next step, decorating.

Let’s start with the first step.  Skip looking at the dozens of websites such as:,, and go straight to Craigslist. Most landlords or retailers use Craigslist because of how easy the website runs.  Craigslist narrows down locations and prices for potential renters.  Apartment websites are vague and only list apartment complexes that surprisingly and mostly do not accept students.  Craigslist optimizes your search allowing you to find not only apartment buildings for rent but houses as well.  Make sure you check the website frequently because there are always new places for rent posted every day.  From Aberdeen to Conshohocken to extremely nearby places in Wayne and Radnor, Craigslist, will not let you down.

Now the fun part, decorating.  First, you’re going to want to check with your landlord and find out if you’re allowed to paint.  Once you get the ok, start looking through paint charts.  Keep in mind that color has the power to transform any interior.  A fresh coat of paint is one of the easiest and even inexpensive ways to acquire a mood for a space, whether it is the living area, kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom.

Now, we all know color palettes can be daunting and even confusing, but that is where color theories come in.  Don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone by sticking with colors that are matchy matchy.  Complementary colors such as red and green, blue and orange and yellow and purple are actually very friendly and fun even though they sit opposite each other on the color wheel.  For example, try the most classic combination of complementary colors: black and white.  The interior will feel sleek and sophisticated.  If you are still overwhelmed with the idea you can try a second theory and use analogous colors. The similar hues still create an extraordinary contrast when used side by side in a space.  Lastly, if you are trying to stay less busy stick to a three color palette and consider that this time three isn’t a crowd.

Remember, every color carries a mood with it. Therefore, if you want your living area to feel warm and cozy pick out a deep green color or chocolate brown.  Then play with your color theories and throw in some opposites for balance like teal pillows.  Bring some life and energy into your day by sticking with greens and yellows for your bedroom.  You won’t be able to help but feel energized when you wake up to such a happy color.  Red is a great color for dining rooms and kitchens. The color actually stimulates appetites and conversation and it won’t fail to give you and guests a warm feel.  For those with a flair for the dramatic stick with darker colors like blacks, deep reds and navy blues.  Try it in the bathroom; it will make the small area feel much more important.

Don’t be scared to play with color.  Now that you have all the tips you can get started and experiment with other accessories.  Whether you’re being fierce and dramatic or light and airy, bring on the drama.  The last step is to throw in a little you into your space.  Even though you may not live in your new place forever, throw in pictures and let yourself feel homey.  Your personality will shine throughout the entire space.


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Amanda Cundari

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