Fruit Ninja: App of the Week

By Allie Jeter
September 21, 2011

There’s a new app sweeping the nation and it might just be bigger than Angry Birds. Fruit Ninja is the new, exciting and addictive game where players can slice all types of fruit with their trusty sword and rank up points with creative combos. Use your fingers to swipe through fruits with such precision, you would think you were really slicing fruit.

You can slash fruits such as pears, apples, pineapples, watermelons, bananas, mangos, coconuts and many more. There are also star fruits that give you extra points when you hit them. But don’t think this game is easy. As you’re slicing away, you have to avoid bombs along the way and if you slice a bomb, that will end your ninja sensei career for good and you will then have to start from the beginning.

In arcade mode, you have only a minute; in classic mode you have until you hit a bomb, and lastly in zen mode, you have 30 seconds to slash but with no bombs. In arcade mode, different fruits grant you different abilities such as freeze and frenzy. When you hit freeze, the fruits move slower so you can hit them easier.

It also has a leaderboard to keep you up to date with the latest high scores, earn achievements and discover new games. Introduced in 2010 by Halfbrick Studios, Fruit Ninja has been given four and a half stars on iTunes and has been given thousands and thousands of great reviews.

According to the app store, the support mostly came from multiple countries. It’s ranked number two in countries such as the USA, Australia, Italy, China, UK, Sweden, New Zealand, France, Canada and many more. Since 2010, Fruit Ninja has sold over ten million copies worldwide. It’s compatible with not only your iPhone, but also the iPad, iPod Touch and the Droid.

This 99 cent game is ranked No. 4 on the iTunes app store right below Angry Birds.

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Allie Jeter

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