Frisky Feather: Dirty Rotten Flower

By Jenay Smith
March 12, 2013

Nothing says ‘I love you’ better than having a beautiful bouquet of roses delivered to you on Valentine’s Day. Couples across the globe celebrate their relationship by giving and receiving red roses, going out to eat and doing other thoughtful gestures on this holiday. For some of us who may be bitter about a breakup, we can resort to surprising an ex-fling with a dozen “Decapitated Roses.”

Sometimes after a breakup happens we feel pessimistic and cynical. A healthy way to relieve this frustration would be to go on a website called ‘Dirty Rotten Flowers’ and send some rotten flowers to someone who may not have treated you in a way that was appropriate.

There are millions of couples every year giving and receiving flowers. Those of us who are single and too caught up to mingle can do the same. Why should we be forlorn alone when we can bring our ex along for the ride?

This is a way to show your ex how you feel without having to see them but also having the satisfaction of knowing they feel the same way you do. Sometimes we need to let our ex know that they made us feel like crap by mailing them their own medicine.

Some testimonials from ‘Dirty Rotten Flowers’ include one from Jake “Pitbull” Jones who states “I sent my ex-girlfriend the Morticia [bouquet] after I found out she gave me herpes.”

Jake, like many other heartbroken people on Valentine’s Day, deserve an outlet and the Frisky Feather is here to offer you Dirty Rotten Flowers.

If you don’t like Valentine’s Day, if you hate the site of PDA and you need a way to show your lack of love, Dirty Rotten Flowers may be the answer to your prayers.

What’s your baddest breakup story? Tweet us @Loqwitter and let us know!

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Jenay Smith

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