Freshmen sound off

By defaultuser
September 9, 2005

kristen dwyer
english/communicaions major
“I like that the campus is small. It’s also close to my home, and has small class sizes. I dislike not having any air conditioning in our dorm.”

jenna donahue
marketing major
“I like how close the classrooms are to my dorm. I dislike the food, it’s disgusting. Also the curfew for guests.”

melissa barrett
education major
“I like the people, the teachers, and Jazzman’s has good food. I dislike not having air in Woodcrest.”

joe windt
criminology major
“I don’t like the food, but I do like that there are more girls than guys.”

michael krencicki
special educaion major
“I don’t enjoy the food as much as some might, but there is such a variety of it. I enjoy the small class sizes and the many support services available on campus.”


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